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SPQR: Offensive against Parthia !!!!

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    I deleted my unit request so as not to confuse.
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      Legion IV Scythia

      I -
      1000 infantry veterans
      250 Armenian infantry middle (from former Royal Armenian army)
      450 infantry middle

      -Gnaeus Maximus


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        I have decided to withdraw my claim to Antiochus Pacco. I will not be participating in this part of the campaign. So, if there is another player who wants this character...have at it.


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          Romeland Security has gathered 50 diseased lambs ready to be launched over the walls against those vile Parthians.
          Flag: USA / Location: West Coast




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            Legio IV Scythia

            II -
            1750 infantry veterans
            100 Armenian archers middle (from former Royal Armenian army)
            300 Armenian light infantry spearmen recruits
            80 Armenian light cavalry recruits (Armenian volunteers)
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              I am not taking command of the greek forces as I am new to this and believe there are more able commanders out there for this
              Also because interest in the command came from another member which missed.
              I will choose another force shortly, unless another of the Generals has a suggestion as to which force I should claim ( being a noob and all)
              in which case PLEASE suggest
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                I suggest you play the Greeks that you originally wanted to play. It doesn't matter if you are new or not. You should play the way you want to play. Don't take seconds. Take what you want.


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                  To be honest I had no specific designs on any given force that was proffered. I just didn't want to get stuck with Latrine Command
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                    Y'know what? I'm not even sure which groups we're supposed to be choosing from ( or which one's we're not) Legio IV, Legio X, or Legio XX?

                    Assistance is appreciated.
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                      Alright, I've been convinced by some players to stick it out. So I will be Antiochus Pacco.


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                        Originally posted by Commodore_1812 View Post
                        Alright, I've been convinced by some players to stick it out. So I will be Antiochus Pacco.
                        HUZZAH! Commodore!
                        "... and that was the last time they called me Freakboy Moses"


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                          Originally posted by Achtung Baby View Post
                          A lowly officer emerges from the ranks to suggest some tactics...

                          1. Cavalry forces be dispatched east and south to both locate any external enemy forces and to to inhibit communications with the city.

                          2. All Parthian-friendly civilians to be driven into the city to further drain its resourses.

                          3. All Roman-friendly civilians to be engaged to assist the assault. This will include gaining information on such things as vunerable/external sources of fresh water supplying the city, which can then be debilitated by military action.

                          4. A swift main assault soon after the Parthian-friendly civilians have been driven into the city, to take full advantage of the subsequent confusion.

                          5. Main assault.

                          a. Secondary assault on the north gate using the Beydar suburbs as cover for the approach.

                          b. Tertiary assault by ladder escalade using Auxilia on the walls west of the north gate.

                          c. Primary assault on the west gate from the direction of the port. This will remove any enfilading fire from the defences, except those from the two towers either side of the gate. The fire from these towers should be suppressed using the heavy artillery while the main assault goes in.

                          Once an entrance is made in the west, the two other assaults should be fully pressed home to complete the victory.

                          6. Once the city falls, various other objectives should be pursued.

                          a. Port Nisibis to become fully functional.

                          b. Mount Tiglaran watchtower to be occupied.

                          c. Ara and Charax oasis to be garrisoned by cavalry detachments and auxilia, with the former patroling to the east.

                          d. River crossings downstream of the port to be removed/blocked so as to deny tactical flexibility to any counterattacking forces.

                          e. Once the city is safely garrisoned, the main Roman forces are to withdraw to Beydar to maintain tactical flexibility in the vunerable north and east areas.

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                            I believe this & the other plans thus far put forth should be examined by all!

                            You been rummagin in some of me own Cav plans, Gaz?

                            All... Each Command is open to be claimed - regardless of Legio - until they have been claimed & acknowledged by the Legio's General.

                            Antiochus Pacco, you previously & early on expressed a great desire to command the Greeks... and so you shall!

                            It could make for some potential intrigues, regards your Argus character, enh...

                            Thus far & to be updated:

                            Legio IV - Sythia
                            • IV-I - Gnaeus Maximus (Conlin)
                            • IV-II - Saulius (Delboy)
                            • IV-III - Tiberius Decimus (Patton 7079)
                            • IV-IV - Scipius (Admiral)
                            • IV-V -Aemlius Garbo (Nick the Noodle)

                            Legion XXIV Apollinaris “Apollo revering”(Reinforced)

                            • XXIV-I - Rubinus (Achtung Baby)
                            • XXIV-II - Quintus Flavius (Arthwys)
                            • XXIV-III -
                            • XXIV-IV -
                            • XXIV-V -

                            Legio XX - Hercules
                            • XX-I -
                            • XX-II - Scipius (Admiral)
                            • XX-III - Enemnogenus The Short (Torien)
                            • XX-IV - Antiochus Pacco (Commodore 1812)

                            Legio IV, Legio XX
                            Military Commander - Armenia/ Parthia
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                              Quintus Flavius

                              I shall command:

                              Legio X
                              II -
                              1000 Infantry recruits.
                              350 swordsmen from Gaul middle.
                              250 light cavalry from Gaul middle.
                              200 infantry veterans from Legio VII Claudia Pia
                              Fideliss (Faithful & Loyal)

                              By your Leave Legatus Rubinus
                              Last edited by Arthwys; 11 Feb 09, 12:52.
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                                I volunteer to lead the leftovers, as my men will likely be slaughtered wholesale due to my inept understanding of Roman military tactics...
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