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The sentence of senator Plinius

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  • The sentence of senator Plinius

    Senator Plinius has been found guilty for inciting revolt, treason and collaboration with the enemy by the Roman Senate!

    Now what should be his sentence?

    The condemned will get ONE opportunity to make a plea to the Roman senate in order to reduce his sentence.

    After his final bargain, the poll will officially be opened...

    The entire proceedings will be headed by senator Verus...

    Feed him to the lions!
    Allow him an honorable Roman death...
    Exile him...
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    Death is nothing, but to live defeated and inglorious is to die daily.- Napoleon

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    "Senators and People of Rome,

    As no doubt you have guessed of course I知 far too proud a Roman patrician to ask for clemency or leniency. Not from you, but to beg from those
    who have raped Roman Law, brought Roman freedom low under the guise of war, to go on my knees for those whom have smeared my reputation and managed to have me branded as a traitor to Rome? Unthinkable!"

    "Consider: you could be convinced that I知 guilty of treason while I protected the interests of the Senate (and thus of the people of Rome) by insisting on transparent procedures in peace and war.
    You could as easily be convinced that there must be a Parthian agent at work when the most senior Roman Senator resists the attempts to establish a one-man rule, a dictatorship.
    You could be made to forget that I too but just survived an attempt on my life in my fight to protect Rome and its leaders and be accused of murdering senators.
    What would you think my chances are with such people?
    No! I will not ask for leniency. I値l just hope that you will see what lies in store when you sentence me!

    Some of you, still convinced that I知 the traitor, will think that all will be idyllic when I知 gone. They hope that the murders, the arrests and disappearances will stop and we will be one.
    In fact it will get worse, because the staunchest defender of freedom, of civil, senatorial liberty, will have disappeared.. One after the other Senator as well as commoner will be accused, arrested and disappear: Verus, Honorius, Antonius .... ... .. . "

    "Perhaps they think that they are safe by always having toed the party line! Ha, by Hercules!
    What naivety! On the contrary they will have weakened their Senatorial power base, their own power base, by not showing solidarity, by sentencing Plinius, the most senior Senator! After I知 gone: who will stand up for you! You will follow me into Hades and your place will be taken by eager, small men ready to do anything just to be able to wear purple and take your seats...
    And no appeal on Roman justice will protect you. You will be charged, found guilty, removed emasculated, killed!!
    Frightening? Perhaps! Over exaggerated? Perhaps, but are you ready to find out?"

    "And it is not too late, you know!
    Though I will not ask for clemency for myself, I'll do so for the Roman Senate and the People of Rome!
    Acquit me or give me a light sentence. If you feel you have to sent me to exile let it be a short one so that I can hastily be recalled and be back to protect you once you find yourself in my position."

    "If I was wrong and Rome is prosperous from now on, you can always change your mind and do something about it.
    However, if I was right I and your position is threatened I can come back and help you as I have sworn to do when I took this high office of Senator and which I値l continue to do."

    Roman Senator.

    You may not be interested in War, but War is interested in You - Leon Trotski, June 1919.


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      tis a tradegy that Rome has so few of these men. For no man really can define treachery unless he expects others to do it for him

      (from the Grave)


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        Around 21:00 hrs Roman time, outcome was: exile!
        I guess you start to see what the wily old Roman Senator realised immediately...
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        You may not be interested in War, but War is interested in You - Leon Trotski, June 1919.


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          People of Rome, do not let your thirst for lions feeding on people cloud your judgement for if we submit to such things, we will be no more civilized than our enemies. We must send Plinius into exile so that he can have no further contact with the enemies of Rome and in time learn and be forgiven for his crimes.

          It is the people's decision, but do take my words into account.
          "Let arms yield rank to the toga of peace." -Cicero

          "People complain about official corruption, but that's nothing compared with our criminal waste of time." -From Ikiru


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            Around 22:00 hrs Roman time, outcome was: draw between 'exile' and 'lions'.
            Oh, when will this end

            You may not be interested in War, but War is interested in You - Leon Trotski, June 1919.


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              I say we have him command a penal cohort in armenia, if he survies, exile him


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                Originally posted by Ace_General View Post
                I say we have him command a penal cohort in armenia, if he survies, exile him
                Well, let's see, what are the options:

                1. Suicide
                2. Execution
                3. Imprisonment
                4. Exile

                No option of a penal cohort...

                -Alexander AKA Senator Honorious


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                  Great words Plinius! I only hope that the Romans that hear them have sense enough to vote exile. For it is exile alone that will assuage all of the feelings of your guilt. In exile you will have no influence on events and many will come to see that you have committed NO treason.

                  Romans, my Countrymen, do not forsake your virtues. Vote for leniency for Plinius. If not for him, then for yourselves. For it is you who will suffer more for his loss.

                  I Beseech thee all and the Gods, Peace be upon us!

                  History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon. Napoleon Bonaparte
                  "I am Arthur, King of the Britons!"


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                    Finally found the place

                    Lions must also eat - I hope Senators are too unappetizing for them ..

                    Franzius The Executioner

                    An Observation : Lions do not make good house pets !
                    I like Dogs far better than most People

                    As our Supply Sargent once said "If'n you only got one - order one - If'n you got Two - turn one in !! (???)



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                      Dispatch from eastern extremities

                      Send Plinius to my Cavalry in the east!

                      He is equestrian & suited to it by his youthful experiences!

                      Let him wear his Senatorial Robes & be subject to the rigors & hardships inherent in such duty. Should he run, let him be slain by the lowliest Roman nearest him. Should he survive the coming battles & campaigns through to victory over those he is accused of befriending & acting in league, commute his sentence & restore him with Honor! If he is found to be in league or conspiring against Rome while under my charge, I will dispatch him myself. Should the highest probability of capture visit itself upon our missions, I will dispatch him before myself, such that no Roman Senator or General be taken alive.

                      By the Honor & Glory of Rome...

                      Exile him to me, ever trusting in your own blood, my Emperor!

                      Commander of Cavalry
                      Legio IV, Legio XX

                      On the Plains of Hesitation lie the blackened bones of countless millions who, at the dawn of victory, sat down to rest-and resting... died. Adlai E. Stevenson

                      ACG History Today



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                        Skoblinus needs another footstool. The head of Plinius shall serve this function quite well....even with bite marks.


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                          Perhaps an "Ash Tray" instead -- A rolling footstool might be more trouble than it's worth !

                          Franzius The Executioner

                          Furniture - New and Used - We sell what other give away - make your deal today - and tomorrow you can pay
                          I like Dogs far better than most People

                          As our Supply Sargent once said "If'n you only got one - order one - If'n you got Two - turn one in !! (???)



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                            awww... Kitty...

                            " Reality is interpretation according to a scheme which we cannot escape "


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                              I was for him, till i read his puerile un-enigmatic monologue!!!

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