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Rnd 6 - Tanks Mk I-V (Britain) vs Renault FT-17 (France)

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  • In honor of the French victory in this poll, the world class French organist Jean Baptiste Robin performed magnificent pieces of French music today.

    (he came to my college to play on the chapel's organ, and there was a performance, and it was great --don't think he knew about this poll though)
    "A foolish man thinks he knows everything if placed in unexpected difficulty; but he knows not what to answer, if to the test he is put."



    • The FT-17 won this poll fair and square.

      I personally think the Marks should have won, but I've been analysing the way that people have been voting, and the further that the competition has continued, the less impact a few exotic voters have veered the course of this poll.

      May I commend the outcome of this vote, and the integrity of the vast majority of ACGers .

      Viva La FT-17!

      The following is a History Channel presentation so don't take it too seriously, but I liked it .

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