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Rnd 3 Grp A - PzKpfw IV (Germany) vs M4 Sherman (USA)

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  • Don Juan
    Sherman - it set the standard for expectations of reliability and ease of maintenance.

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  • Dibble201Bty
    Seeing as the Sherman must have been partly influenced by the MkVI & MkIII, that I went for the MkIV.


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  • Checkertail20
    I went with the Sherman.

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  • Pruitt


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  • Mountain Man
    Mark IV. It was actually a better tank than the death trap Sherman "Tommy Cooker".

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  • vikram72
    voted for PzKpfw IV (Germany).

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  • Rnd 3 Grp A - PzKpfw IV (Germany) vs M4 Sherman (USA)

    PzKpfw IV (Germany)
    M4 Sherman (USA)

    The poll is expired.

    Round 3, Group A: PzKpfw IV (Germany) vs M4 Sherman (USA)

    The PzKpfw IV “took over” from PzKpfw III after the latter proved unable to be readily up-gunned any further. It was meant to serve until sufficient numbers of Panthers could be produced. However, the Panther never fully replaced the PzKpfw IV, meaning that the older tank remained in production and service as a vital part of the German medium tank fleet until the end of the war. It was thus, perhaps (arguably) the most important German battle tank at least for the mid-to-late war period.

    The Sherman received its baptism of fire in British hands near the end of 1942, and was well regarded by them. The virtues of the M4 - which included its wide availability - allowed it to serve very effectively in a variety of environments and on a global scale. There are few Allied tanks in WW2 that can claim to have served in as many theatres and locations; and none in anything like the numbers. The combination of its sound fundamental attributes together with reliability and adaptability and the numbers available, made the Sherman a valuable tool in the Allied effort. The M4 also had a quite noteworthy post-WW2 career.

    So, which workhorse for you? The German Panzer 4 or the American M4?

    Only one of these two candidates will make it to the next round!

    Which of them is the more significant and/or influential?

    Candidate #25 - PzKpfw IV (Germany)

    Service Entry – 1938
    Weight – 18.5 – 25 metric tons
    Top Speed – 42 km/h (26 mph)
    Main Armament – 75 mm gun
    No. Produced – 8,500 (approx.)

    For further info, see Wiki here:

    Candidate #32 - M4 Sherman (USA)

    Active Service Entry – late 1942
    Weight – 30 - 32 tons
    Top Speed – 40 - 48 km/h (25 - 30 mph)
    Main Armament – 75mm gun
    No. Produced – 49,234

    For further info, see Wiki here:

    Consider the criteria with care! You decide!

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