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Rnd 2 Grp 2 - PzKpfw 38(t) (Germany) vs M4 Sherman (USA)

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  • Rnd 2 Grp 2 - PzKpfw 38(t) (Germany) vs M4 Sherman (USA)

    Round 2, Group 2: PzKpfw 38(t) (Germany) vs M4 Sherman (USA)

    PzKpfw 38(t) was the German designation for the Czechoslovak LT-38. This tank did much to bolster German armoured strength for their early campaigns. Without it, they would have been even more desperate for medium tanks. Indeed, in terms of speed the 38(t) was a smidgeon faster than their primary medium, the PzKpfw III, as well as possessing good agility, cross-country performance and reliability. After the 38(t) had ceased to be viable as a first-line battle tank, its chassis continued to be very useful, serving in large numbers as the basis for a variety of tank destroyers and SP guns.

    The Sherman received its baptism of fire in British hands near the end of 1942, and was well regarded by them. The virtues of the M4 - which included its wide availability - allowed it to serve very effectively in a variety of environments and on a global scale. There are few Allied tanks in WW2 that can claim to have served in as many theatres and locations; and none in anything like the numbers. The combination of its sound fundamental attributes together with reliability and adaptability and the numbers available, made the Sherman a valuable tool in the Allied effort. The M4 also had a quite noteworthy post-WW2 career.

    So, which tank out of these two do you think had the most significance and influence?

    Only one of these two candidates will make it to the next round!

    Which of them is the most significant and/or influential?

    Candidate #23 - PzKpfw 38(t) (Germany)

    Active Service Entry – 1939
    Weight – 9.8 metric tons
    Top Speed – 42 km/h (26 mph)
    Main Armament – 37mm gun
    No. Produced – 1,400+

    For further info, see Wiki here:

    Candidate #32 - M4 Sherman (USA)

    Active Service Entry – late 1942
    Weight – 30 - 32 tons
    Top Speed – 40 - 48 km/h (25 - 30 mph)
    Main Armament – 75mm gun
    No. Produced – 49,234

    For further info, see Wiki here:

    Consider the criteria with care! You decide!

    PzKpfw 38(t) (Germany)
    M4 Sherman (USA)

    The poll is expired.

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    M4 Sherman
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      M4 best allied tank of the war with a good post war serves history looking at you super Sherman
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        M4 Sherman (USA)


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          Sherman was lucky to draw the Panzer 38.

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            No contest really.
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              Used by almost every allied nation in winning the greatest conflict in history. Pretty significant.

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                Originally posted by JBark View Post
                Used by almost every allied nation in winning the greatest conflict in history. Pretty significant.
                Agree. I voted Sherman.


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                  M4 Sherman (USA) for me,


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                    M4, which led to a long line of successful designs in American service.

                    Although the T-38 was an influential design in German hands, it did not lead to a furtherance of the line, nor were subsequent successful German designs modeled on the 38.
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                      M4 Sherman.
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                        I voted for the M4, not because it was a better tank, as had been argued by others, but because of the influence it had on future designs, and the influence it had on build principles.
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                          The Sherman. The Czech tank was surprisingly influential - during WWII. The Sherman's heritage lasted longer than that war.


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                            Originally posted by Capt AFB View Post
                            Agree. I voted Sherman.


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                              Pz38t was important for the Germans early in the war and influenced much of their wartime planning and design, spawning a series of different designs, many of which were, however, cut short by the war. It spawned the Hetzer which was an important element in the mechanization of the German Army in 1944/45, providing some of backbone of German infantry divisions.

                              I'm not really sure that the Sherman influenced much in terms of design and development. It was far to much of a wartime expedient to carry any real influence. It offered its drive-line to the M26, but that was abandoned in the M46, which was a much better vehicle. Other than that, I dont really see many bits and bobs from the Sherman surviving into anything postwar.

                              In terms of significance, the M4 runs the Pz38t into the ground. Production numbers, user-nations, world-wide application, role in WWII and many post-war conflicts, its development potential... one could go on and on.

                              So it is M4 for me based on significance.


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