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Rnd 1 Grp 4 - ZTZ 99 (China) vs M1A1/A2 Abrams (USA)

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  • Rnd 1 Grp 4 - ZTZ 99 (China) vs M1A1/A2 Abrams (USA)

    Round 1, Group 4: ZTZ 99 (China) vs M1A1/A2 Abrams (USA)

    The ZTZ 99 (or “Type 99”) is China’s latest and most advanced MBT in service. It is essentially an improved version of the Type 98, which was based on the Soviet T-72 design but with very considerable adaptations and differences; not least of which were an enlargement of the hull and a completely different turret design. ZTZ 99 is a high-cost ‘premium’ tank, expected to be produced in relatively small numbers and is currently operated by certain specific units. (ZTZ 96 continues as the newest of the mainstream ‘bread-and-butter’ Chinese tanks; for the time being at least.) If the known specifications of ZTZ 99 are any guide, it is an extremely potent MBT indeed.

    To most Westerners with half a mind for military equipment, the Abrams tank barely needs an introduction. It is arguably the most famous of all current Western tanks; virtually synonymous with the idea of the modern MBT. It has performed extremely well in more than one conflict and as such can be considered a proven design. Beside the USA, a handful of other countries – including Australia – have taken the M1 tank into service. At the time of introduction, Abrams represented a significant step forward for US armoured forces and if there was any doubt about them being “at the cutting edge” before it arrived, there was certainly none afterwards. Enough said.

    Here are two very powerful modern tanks; each extremely impressive in its own right. But how significant and influential were they? Which will you choose?

    Only one of these two candidates will make it to the next round!

    Which of them is the most significant and/or influential?

    Candidate #51 - ZTZ 99 (China)

    Service Entry – Around 2001/02
    Weight – 54-58 metric tons
    Top Speed – 80 km/h (50 mph)
    Main Armament – 125mm smoothbore
    No. Produced – est. 700+ (still in production)

    For further info, check here:

    Candidate #64 - M1A1/A2 Abrams (USA)

    Service Entry – 1980/81 (initially with 105mm gun as the M1)
    Weight – 61-62 metric tons
    Top Speed – 67 km/h (42 mph) (governed)
    Main Armament – 120mm smoothbore
    No. Produced – 9,000+

    For further info, check these:

    Consider the criteria with care! You decide!

    ZTZ 99 (China)
    M1A1/A2 Abrams (USA)

    The poll is expired.

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    This is the easiest one for me so far. The Abrams was the first of a new breed. It should take at least top spot for influential tanks post c1980.
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      Abrams all the way!

      Pruitt, you are truly an expert! Kelt06

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        Originally posted by Pruitt View Post
        Abrams all the way!

        No question about it!

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          No offence to the Chinese, but the Abrams is almost as good as the Leopard II
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            Abrams is simply the most sophisticated and successfully battle-tested design in the world right now.
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              Is it time to roll out the stock joke about there being a Chink in that armour?........... Ba da dum!
              I don't know enough about the ZTZ 99 to make a fair comparison (Does anybody?).
              So with my knowledge halved I must go for what is known and run with the M1 series.

              The M1.

              *Anyone recommend good reading on the ZTZ 99?*


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                A no brainer - the Abrams


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                  The ZTZ 99 is a diesel and China may have more tank crews than the US.
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                      The beast Abrams.
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                        Originally posted by Frtigern View Post
                        The ZTZ 99 is a diesel and China may have more tank crews than the US.
                        So the ZTZ 99 is more significant and influential because of a diesel engine? I wasn't aware they started that trend.
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                          Originally posted by Stryker 19K30 View Post
                          So the ZTZ 99 is more significant and influential because of a diesel engine? I wasn't aware they started that trend.
                          Well the M1 Abrams never started a trend with a turbine powered design. Yes, its slightly quieter when idling than a diesel, but a diesel still proves itself to be more advantageous for the rest of the world. Still not sure why the US went with a turbine.
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                            There were several reasons, including an advantage in acceleration over conventional diesels, less power being used for cooling, the ability to run on a larger range of fuels, easier starting in cold temperatures, being physically lighter and quieter, and no smoke emission.

                            "Slightly quieter than idling than a diesel" is a bit of an understatement, as the low-frequency sounds that diesels emit are far easier to hear over distances. I can attest first-hand that the tracks on a gas-turbine powered tank are often louder than the engine. Also, see:


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                              M1A1/A2 Abrams gets this one.
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