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Rnd 1 Grp 4 - Leclerc (France) vs T-64 (Russia)

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    Originally posted by Gixxer86g View Post
    The Leclerc is superior in every way except influence and significance. It's just another modern MBT.
    The Leclerc seems to have a number of innovative and unique features. I should think that would make it significant.

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      Originally posted by JBark View Post
      The Leclerc seems to have a number of innovative and unique features. I should think that would make it significant.
      I'm inclined to agree.

      The T-64, for its time of introduction, also had some very advanced features but I have already given it credit for that, with my vote in the time bracket where it first came into service (Group 3); which I think is fair enough. Speaking only for myself of course, but I wasn't going to give it the same again here, in Group 4. There can be no doubt that the Russian tank has had - and arguably continues to have - greater influence. However, the package of features carried by Leclerc is - IMO - highly credit-worthy in this particular time group and deserves considerable recognition for its significance.

      I guess the question would be whether the Influence of the T-64 out-weighs the significance of Leclerc's feature package for this time group. I could see very early in the process that T-64 would be most likely to win this poll but I wanted to give recognition to the (IMO) highly potent and quite remarkable combination of assets of the Leclerc.

      As you said just before, members are invited to exercise their discretion and interpretation as they see fit; and I have done so here even though I can see there is still a very strong case to be made for the T-64. I just don't think it is quite so much head-and-shoulders above Leclerc as the voting over the first few days had suggested; and in terms of vote percentage the French tank seems to have picked up a bit more ground recently.

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        T-64 (Russia)


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          The Leclerc is a good design but, hasn't seen combat whereas the T-64 is an ugly looking tank but has seen more combat than the Leclerc.


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            Voted for Leclerc.

            Wonderful Design by French in memory of General Philippe Leclerc.

            In all a modern Tank, Has not seen action but i feel it will do better in battle field, provided it has the opportunity.

            T-64 a veteran but from a different era, it has brought forward excellent designs by Russian based on its experience.


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