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Rnd 1 Grp 3 - T-34-85 (Soviet Union/Russia) vs T44/T54/55 (Soviet Union/Russia)

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    Originally posted by Michele View Post
    Yes, but would you see the T-54 itself... without the T-34/85?
    Well, technically yes, if we consider T-34/85 only and not T-34 in general.

    T-34/85 was a design end that took turret from T-43 and mated it to T-34 hull with enlarged turret ring as a stopgap.

    T-34 and T-50 as evolutionary designs lines merged into T-34M, followed in 1942 with proposal for a "new T-34", also designated T-34M but which looked pretty much the same as T-34/76 but with torsion bars, then T-43 (first variant), T-43 (second variant), then there was influence regarding transverse mounted engine from one of pre-war A-44 prototypes (which was originally concept of T-34M with front engine and rear turret) which resulted in T-44 and then naturally in T-54.

    There was also influence from KV line (KV-13 model to be precise) which gave it a compact transmission and final drives. KV line itself was developed (among other) from T-111/46-5 experimental light infantry tank which in turn evolved from T-46-1 (T-26 with Christie suspension). T-111 was followed by T-126 and then by T-50.
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      Very very significant--the T-34 is too but just look at the T-54/55 number. The triple digit mm main gun could've had a bearing on eventual Cold War designs for both the east and west I bet.
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        IMHO, the T-44/T-54/55 series should be in the top three... gets my vote.
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          Thy name is T-54/55.
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            T 34, but only because of the historic context, which is silly really.

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              It most definitely says T-34/85.

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                The T34/85 was a wartime modification to give the T34 more gun. The T44 was really the cleaned up version that should have replaced the T34/76 with the T34/85 being a temporary solution. The T54/55 was the culmination of that design process putting an excellent gun on the now more reliable version of the T44 hull and bringing one of the most widely used post war tanks in the world into service.


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                  T-34-85 (Soviet Union/Russia)


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                    The T34 became target's for under 10ton armourd car's affter WW2. so I vote T-54
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                      I would sum the T-54/55 as well as the tanks that came after as the AK-47 of tanks. The only weakness of the T-54/55 would be the ammo storage.


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                        Chose T- 55,

                        both being very good Tanks, it was a difficult choice.


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