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Rnd 1 Grp 3 - AMX-30/40 (France) vs Leopard 1 (Germany)

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  • Arnold J Rimmer
    The Leopard, hands down.

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  • Pruitt
    I don't like either tank. The light weight armor is a definite no go to me. I just thought the AMX-40 could be more effective.


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  • Rnd 1 Grp 3 - AMX-30/40 (France) vs Leopard 1 (Germany)

    AMX-30/40 (France)
    Leopard 1 (Germany)

    The poll is expired.

    Round 1, Group 3: AMX-30/40 (France) vs Leopard 1 (Germany)

    The French AMX-30 and the German Leopard 1 were built to a very similar basic formula which is not at all surprising since initially, the two countries were collaborating to develop a common design that would be used by both. Like a number of such ideas during the 1960s and 70s the collaboration did not bear combined fruit and each nation ended up developing its own new tank.

    These tanks were both based on the idea that optimizing armament and mobility were the highest priorities, at a time when many designers thought it was impractical to carry enough armour to defeat the latest anti-tank weapons. Speed, agility and good hitting power were therefore being relied upon to a considerable extent.

    Both the AMX-30 and the Leopard 1, in one form or another, earned their countries some export income; Leopard 1 rather more so. Additionally in the French case, special versions intended for export - such as the AMX-32 and even the rather more developed (and quite different looking) AMX-40 - attracted relatively little buyer interest.

    These matters aside, a look at the specifications - and indeed, even the appearance of the first models of AMX-30 and Leopard 1 - shows just how alike they were in a number of ways. These tanks were nationally distinctive but essentially very similar answers to the same need.

    Which of those two 1960s creations will you vote for?

    Only one of these two candidates will make it to the next round!

    Which of them is the most significant and/or influential?

    Candidate #36 - AMX-30/40 (France)

    (Data for early AMX-30)
    Service Entry 1966
    Weight 36 metric tons
    Top Speed 65 km/h (40 mph)
    Main Armament 105mm gun
    No. Produced 3,571

    For further info, try these wiki entries:


    Candidate #37 - Leopard 1 (Germany)

    Service Entry 1965
    Weight 40-42 metric tons
    Top Speed 65 km/h (40 mph)
    Main Armament 105mm gun
    No. Produced 4,510

    For further info, check these:

    Consider the criteria with care! You decide!

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