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Rnd 1 Grp 3 - AMX-13 (France) vs M24 Chaffee (USA)

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    Chose AMX-13, Wonderful Tank.

    It has served well in India.

    In 1962 6 AMX-13 were deployed in Chushul to repulse Chinese attack, This was on the altitude of over 14230 feet.

    In the Sino-Indian war of 1962, six vintage AMX-13 tanks that the Indian Army had airlifted to Chushul inflicted serious losses and delay on the advancing Chinese.

    In 1965 it took part in important battle.

    The tank battles of 1965 took their place in annals of military history as the most intense ones ever, since World War II. Close to a thousand tanks, on both sides, took part in the pitch battles and offensives. At the start of the war, India had one armoured division and one independent armoured brigade, along with six armoured regiments supporting infantry divisions. Pakistan had two armoured divisions, equipped with the then very modern M-48 Patton tanks. India had an equivalent tank in the Centurion, but their strength was limited to only four armoured regiments.

    India had its largest haul of Pakistani tanks when the offensive of Pakistan's 1st Armoured Division was blunted at the Battle of Assal Uttar on September 10th. Six Pakistani armoured regiments took part in the battle, namely the 19 Lancers (Patton), 12 Cavalry (Chafee), 24 Cavalry (Patton) 4 Cavalry (Patton), 5 Horse (Patton) and 6 Lancers (Patton). These were opposed by three Indian armoured regiments with inferior tanks, Deccan Horse (Sherman), 3 Cavalry (Centurion) and 8 Cavalry (AMX-13). The battle was so fierce & intense that at the end of the war, the 4th Indian Division (aka "The Fighting Fourth") had captured about 97 tanks in destroyed, damaged or intact condition. This included 72 Patton tanks and 25 Chafees and Shermans. 32 of the 97 tanks, including 28 Pattons, were in running condition. Indian losses in the Khem Karan sector were 32 tanks. Around 15 of them were captured by the Pakistan Army, mostly Sherman tanks.


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