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Rnd 1 Grp 2 - Char B1/B1-bis (France) vs KV Tanks (Soviet Union/Russia)

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    I'd say this is an easy one.
    The Char B was predominant to every German Panzer in terms of armor and firepower. But its employment, one man turret and reliability problems rendered it almost dispensible in the Battle of France. Therefore it was a dead-end development

    The KV OTOH was the first proper heavy Tank. As the Char B it was superior to every German Panzer in terms of armor and firepower. Its unreliability and poorly trained crews hindered it to be a successful Tank in 1941, but the KV-85 and JS-1 showed its capabilities.

    While the superior French Tanks like Char B and S-35 did not stop the German advance, Tanks like the T-34 or KV's indeed gave the Soviet a much needed edge. We all know the outcome of Barbarossa...
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      It has to be the KV for - together with the T-34 - putting the fear of God/Stalin in the Germans in 1941, causing them to skip an entire generation of tank development and throw them into a tank construction and production predicament from which they really never recovered.

      That was done by gun and armour and not much else, much of the design being flawed.

      My heart would vote for the Char-B1 for its creative technical solutions to self-imposed problems
      The impact of the Char B and D tanks in driving early German tank development should not be underestimated - their 40mm armour (later 60mm in case of the Char B) was the yard-stick the Germans measured their tanks by.
      Also, the ingenious steering system of the Char B did influence some German development, even though it never entered production.


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        KV Tanks (Soviet Union/Russia)


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          KV tanks, They were advanced and better edge over Char who reminded of First world war and 20s and 30s especially with two turrets.


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            Gotta be the KVs--there's just more there.
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