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Rnd 3 Grp GH - MD/Boeing F-15 Eagle (USA) vs MD/Boeing F/A-18 Hornet series (USA)

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    Originally posted by Drusus Nero View Post
    Maybe, Panther, we could have, for the next tourney/battle, a WILD card, available by direct request. People who leave a comment can also vote for a wild card draw.

    It would seem the losing plane from this match would definately qualify in my view for just that kind of vote.

    Wild cards will not only solve dead heats, but will give those posters that feel their aircraft was eliminated too early a bulls roar of a chance should the situation come about.

    anyway, just a thought.
    Hi Chris (Drusus Nero),
    and to all interested members:

    A new poll thread has been opened to discuss a tentatively proposed variation of this idea.
    It is stickied at the head of this tournament but you can jump straight to it from here:

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