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Rnd 1 Grp E - Hawker Typhoon & Tempest (Britain) vs Lockheed P-38 Lightning (USA)

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  • Rnd 1 Grp E - Hawker Typhoon & Tempest (Britain) vs Lockheed P-38 Lightning (USA)

    Round 1, Group E: Hawker Typhoon & Tempest (Britain) vs Lockheed P-38 Lightning (USA)

    Candidate #67 - Hawker Typhoon & Tempest (Britain)

    Service Intro - 1941
    Roles - interceptor; fighter-bomber; armed recon
    Quantity Produced - 4,748
    User Nations - Britain, Australia, Belgium, Canada, India, Pakistan, New Zealand

    For further info & some technical details, you can start with Wiki here:

    Candidate #68 Lockheed P-38 Lightning (USA)

    Service Intro - 1941
    Roles - long-range fighter; night fighter; ground attack; pathfinder; recon; trainer
    Quantity Produced - 10,036
    User Nations - USA + at least 10 other countries

    For further info & some technical details, you can start with Wiki here:

    Will you vote for the Typhoon & Tempest or the Lightning?

    Only one of these two candidates will make it to the next round!

    Which of them is the more significant and/or influential?

    Consider the criteria with care! You decide!
    Hawker Typhoon & Tempest (Britain)
    Lockheed P-38 Lightning (USA)

    The poll is expired.

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    The Typhoon and Tempest served almost totally as day fighters and fighter bombers. The Typhoon's role as a night fighter was very limited and short.

    The P-38 saw service first as a long range fighter, then as the F-5 photo reconnaissance plane, a role that was very, very limited for the Typhoon and Tempest. It was then used as a fighter bomber and in the "Droop Snoot" version as a lead bomb aiming aircraft for squadron horizontal bombing, the other aircraft releasing on the signal from the bomb aimer. A variant replaced the bomb aimer with BTO radar like the APS-15 to allow bomb aiming at night or through cloud cover, effectively making the P-38 a pathfinder aircraft.
    It also made a decent nightfighter in M version seeing operational use in the Pacific.
    Although it never saw operational use, the P-38F was tested for torpedo bombing carrying lightweight Mk 13 torpedoes.
    The P-38J also introduced one of the first production uses of powered controls on any aircraft with hydraulically operated ailerons to boost role rate.

    Definitely a much more versatile aircraft.


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      This one goes to the Brits, since the P-38 never served in it's intended design role of high altitude interceptor and only secondarily in the role of ground attack, while both the Tempest and the Typhoon served superbly in the ground attack role.
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        My vote goes to the Tiffie.
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          I'm really torn on this one, I'll have to ponder this further.
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            I went with the Lightning. It was first built in 1939 and was still in production in 1945. It was more versatile and a dangerous foe in combat. Much of the negative rep came after we shipped a number of Model 322's to the British which did not have contra-rotating propellers. Also too many inexperienced pilots tried to dogfight with single engined fighters. What veterans learned was you gained a height advantage over your target, dove on it and used the speed from the dive to climb back over the enemy. I think the P-38 climbed faster than any enemy fighter. The concentration of the guns in the nose was an advantage as well. Hitting the target with four 50 calibers and one 20 millimeter cannon in about a two foot concentration would tear up any target.
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              An experienced pilot whom knew how to use the contra-rotating propellers could juggle the throttles such that the P-38 could turn as tight if not tighter than most single engine fighters. Tweak one throttle ahead, the other behind and use the engines to work the turn.
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                Going with the numbers. Otherwise, enter the jet age.


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                  The combination of numbers and breadth of service tips this in favour of the P38 I reckon.
                  "Chatfield, there seems to be something wrong with our bloody ships today!"
                  Vice Admiral Beatty to Flag Captain Chatfield; Battle of Jutland, 31 May - 1 June, 1916.


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                    Yes, P-38.
                    This was the first plane that was a successful "destroyer", a twin-engine fighter that got the job done and did it well.
                    If the Axis had it, the Allies would have been in some serious trouble.

                    It is worth noting that the most formidable Fighters of the jet age are also twin engine types.


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                      I voted Hawker but on further consideration I should have gone with the P-38. Glad to see it's winning.
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                        Lightning on ability rather than favourite.
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                          The P-38 for this one. Much more significant, and influential.
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                            As stated in the last contest, I will always vote for the P-38.
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                              According to "American Military Training Aircraft: Fixed and Rotary-Wing Trainers Since 1916" there were about 130 P322s (The P38 version built for Britain) which were used as P38 transitional trainers for US pilots, In addition there were an unknown number of two seat TP38 trainers. Based on this I think that trainer can be added to the P38 roles
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