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Rnd 6 - Supermarine Spitfire (Britain) vs Focke-Wulf Fw 190 (Germany)

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    Originally posted by Dashy View Post
    Spitfire wins for me. It was the plane that kept Britain in the war (alongside the Hurricane), a feat that eventually led to the defeat of Nazi Germany. What more influence could you ask for!
    Whenever I see a Spitfire I instantaneously think of the Battle of Britain, the heroism, a true turning point in the war (If not victory, a cold stopping of Nazi push west) and heroism in the face of death on both sides quite frankly.

    Nothing sparks WWII in my mind more than a Spitfire and say a PzKpfw IV (alright substitute Panther or Tiger here, boys love the toys!) and a B17.

    The Spitfire was the first model I ever built (followed by a Tiger tank!), I have a man crush on the plane. I had a World War II encyclopedia (or it was my Father's) that had a picture of a Spitfire trailing a Me-109, I must've stared at that picture for hours and hours thinking about what that must've been like.
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      I would say the Spitfire for its longevity. The only other fighter in WWII to match the Spitfire in this area would have to be the F4F and the P-40. The Spitfire faced down everything from ME-109s, Zeros and even V-1s.


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        To me this is a much easier choice than any of the quarterfinals. I still can not understand how the FW190 made it this far instead of the Me109! (That is a rhetorical statement that does not need to be refuted.) I also am shocked that the Spitfire got this far, but I won't offer an opinion on how that happened. (I am not referring to favorable match-ups.) The Spitfire was clearly more historically significant. I would have a hard time putting the FW190 in the top ten most historically significant planes in history. But this is part of the brilliance of labeling the tournament "significant/influential" and then letting the community decide what that means.


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