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Rnd 1 Grp G - NA F-100 Super Sabre (USA) vs English Electric Lightning (Britain)

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    Based on two things, the looks! Let's face it, the Hun just looked great! And TA Gardners post about its service record, I could not put it better,
    F-100 for me
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      the F-100 was more influential because was the first supersonic fighter plane in service. in Chuck Yeager book, he says that first F-100's had a poor stability in high speeds, George Welsh replyed, and got kill in an supersonic dive. NAA had to modify the existing aircraft. however, a great aircraft, first of the "century fighters".

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        The EE Lightning; partly because of the great potential that wasn't properly realized but partly because I just like the darn thing; especially the look of it.
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          Lightning is clearly the better performer and better aircraft.

          F-100 is another one of those high-performing but basically pointless designs (see also F-101, F-104, F-105, Delta Dagger, Delta Dart) that did things that could be done just as well by a Phantom.
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