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March Offensive Finals - Caesar vs. Napoleon

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    Damnit, last time I checked Caesar was in the lead - has everyone gone INSANE?

    Dr. S.
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      I picked Caesar.
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        I went with Napoleon. Nappy did more for a longer period of time and against more powerful opponents.

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          Caesar, like Napoleon, made mistakes on the battlefield, In facr, some histroains claim Caesar often had to rescue himself and his troops from his own carelessness.

          Had Caesar faced more armies that were as good as his, I could see voting for Caesar, but he rarely faced a disciplined army as opposed to a a "horde".

          Yes, Nappie's enemies weren't as good as hies troops were in the early years, but The Corporal won at Eckmuhl, Wagram, Bautzen, Lutzen and Dresden against comparable forces, and he did wonders in 1814 despite the odds.
          No way Caesar is in his league--Alexander the Great, yes, but not Julius.


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            This is a tough one since neither of these guys should have made it this far, IMHO.


            When I think of Caeser, I think of Roman Legions marching and conquering all before them.

            When I think of Napoleon, I think of bad beats in Russia and Waterloo. Both were mistakes Napoleon could/should have avoided. Even when Caeser lost, he didn't lose that baddly! Waterloo is synonomous with complete failure. That is not a leagacy that should be associated with any "great" general.

            Therefore, I have to go with Caeser!
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              Napoleon is the better general in my book.


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                I selected Caeser for the obvious...if he had access to the weapons and tactics Napoleon did, he would have done twice the conquering Napolean ever dreamed of.

                Come on, let's be honest...comparing two military leaders from different eras, one from the emergence of organized dismounted combat and the other from an essential renaissance of same is totally unfair.

                I somewhat understand the REASON behind's because neither has an equal in their own time period.

                Unfortunately, the whole thing feels somewhat contrived and without merit. Call me strange, but there should at least be a semblence of reason behind the poll question, n'cest pas?


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                  In the absence of Robert E. Lee...

                  ... (sorry for the shameless plug). This is particularly tough as it brings in the political as well as the military achievements, as is apparent from so many posts. Nothing wrong with that with these 2 as they performed on a couple of different stages. Nappy was arrogant and a significant agent of his own demise but I still have to cast my vote for him.


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                    May I also note that the only information about Caesar's military campaigns are written by *gasp* Caesar.
                    And surprise surprise, there are only victories!
                    There are also insane odds against him (300,000 Gauls against his 30,000 legionaries?) From a group of people that couldn't unite themselves, able to muster 300,000 men against him? It would be more like 30,000 men to his 30,000 men. Quite some odds eh?
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                      Napoleon Bonaparte.

                      In the end, though Both of them Fought large campaigns against what at times seemed to be insurmountable odds and beat them, in the end Napoleon has the greater legacy.

                      Caesar's biggest war was his takeover of the Roman Government. His others, while large, were against inferior quality enemies.

                      Napoleon succeeded in in taking over the French Government, and then attacking and overcoming modern contemporary armies that held parity with the French in many aspects.

                      Caesar was murdered by the very office he overthrew, in broad daylight.

                      Napoleon was poisoned by the people who finally defeated him a second time, after he almost successfully returned from exile.

                      After Caesar's death, his empire fell apart, and had to be refought over by yet another crop of would be world leaders. Absent creating the concept of a Roman Empire, and creating the Julian Calendar, Caesar's legacy is a bit thin.

                      After his final exile, the Code Napoleon stayed in effect, and IIRC is still in at least partial effect to this day. Napoleon not only performed a revolution in military affairs, he totally revamped French Civil Affairs, and that legacy survives him beautifully.
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                        Man I almost went with Napoleon, I mean he has cannon and muskets and his Cavalry has stirups. But I got to take Ceasar; afterall he was smart and did not invade Russia .
                        It is good that war is so terrible less we grow too fond of it . . . Robert E. Lee


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                          Originally posted by Pfc TAZ View Post
                          As he got older he got mentally lazy and his losses increased significantly.
                          Got to disagree there, some of Napoleon's best work was during the 1814 campaign.
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                            Originally posted by grognard View Post
                            Yes, Nappie's enemies weren't as good as hies troops were in the early years,
                            Wait a second there! You have got to be talking about the days of the Empire, what about the Italy Campaign?
                            And it's over the mountain and over the Main,
                            Through Gibralter, to France and Spain.
                            Pit a feather tae your bonnet, and a kilt aboon your knee,
                            Enlist my bonnie laddie and come awa with me.


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                              I come to bury Caesar, not vote for him. Boney was in a league of his own.


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                                I had to vote for Caesar. I do recon that Napoleon was probably the best general ever, but this is a personal choice. He did order his troops to invade my country 3 times and one of my ancestors was killed will fighting the Sault invasion. Not to mention how much plunder and destruction they did.
                                I did vote for Napoleon till this stage, but couldn't help him win.
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