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March Offensive Finals - Caesar vs. Napoleon

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    Caesar laid little it NO groundwork for the future Empire. At best he just gave Augustus a good kick in the pants to get the move on.

    Napoleon forged his through ability and acumen. He wrote the laws, trained and equipped a military that had lost most of her commanders to the guillotine, pulled France out of the revolutionary blood-cycle, and placed her firmly in the world sphere.

    Caesar only took advantage of what had already happened. Sulla could have started an empire, but he didn't. Caesar isn't actually even considered an emperor.
    Emperor vs. Dictator for Life ( he got stabbed a day later)
    For despite the silly sayings about violence never settling anything, history IS changed on the battlefield: ask the National Socialist German Workers' Party.
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      Gotta go with Caesar. He was a great leader and innovator. He lost some battles, but was smart enough not to let those losses ruin his campaigns. All generals win and lose, the great ones don't lose the whole war in one battle.

      My main problem with Napoleon is that people tend to overlook his defeats. Russia wasn't just a "loss" it was a catastrophe. As he got older he got mentally lazy and his losses increased significantly.
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        Caesar gets my vote!

        Fight Club was a great idea! My thanks go out to those made this happen.


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          Hail Caesar!
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            That was a very tough call.
            It was like having to choose between Mexican or Italian food.
            I can't wait to the see the campaign ribbon.
            Thanks for the experience.
            I learned a lot while having fun.
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              The campaign between Alexander and Napoleon was a tuff one for me...but since Ceasar is certainly not as great as Alexander in my opinion, the choice in this one is much more simplified: Napoleon gets my vote...

              Caesar fought some great battles, was an able politician, took care of his men and conquered the whole of Gaul, Holland and Southern England...but his his legacy would have been forgotten the moment he got stabbed on the Ides of March if it wasn't for the ambitious Marc Anthony and his side-kick Octavian...the Republic would have been reinstated if it wasn't for them !!!
              Napoleon ruled all of western Europe by 1810, starting from scratch from the age of 27, was personally involved in more then 50 battles (a few of them which he lost), could inspire his troops and was an able politician as much as Caesar, brought new judicial and adminstrative laws into Europe which are still used today (in Western Europe), spread democracy across the countries and much much more... in short: he deserves to be number one instead of caesar ! Believe me !

              Go Napoleon !!!

              Death is nothing, but to live defeated and inglorious is to die daily.- Napoleon

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                That's an easy one. Caesar was a successful and ambitious general, but his true strength was in his ability to make men fight for him and in politics. Napoleon had the former of those, and had the foresight to brush aside politics by the bayonet and bullets. Don't forget that Caesar may have cleaned house with the corrupted senate, but Napoleon saved France from a mad revolution that was destroying France from within....and assured time and again that no foreign power would destroy it from without. Most of all, Napoleon beat coalitions which had the odds in their favor from the beginning, and his battles still teach us much about maneuver and war. Not to diminish Caesar, but Napoleon is the greater of the two and these were a good pair to have for the final round.

                "In this age, in past ages, in any age, Napoleon."


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                  Definitely Napoleon, the man conquered all of Europe, spread the ideals of the French Revolution abroad, and revolutionized warfare. While Caesar was a great leader his accomplishments simply do not have the same scope or magnifigance of Napoleon's campaigns.
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                    Caesar had Rome. Napoleon had France against other major powers. I vote for the man with the manual suspenders!
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                      I was almost swayed against Napoleon because of his huge defeat and retreat in Russia - but I'm still giving him the nod for his years of victories and frankly for coming back from such a major defeat to fight a few more years against ever steeper odds. I'm still impressed with his command and control with such huge armies in play on each battlefield. Having the strategy is one thing, but having the organization to implement it in the heat of battle is quite another.

                      Nothing bad to say against Caesar here, and Alesia ranks high on my charts for impressive victories and determination against an enemy, but he still falls a shade short next to Napoleon.
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                        Voted for Nappy of course, won't let some italian playboy win the final


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                          i dont think in military Caesar can be the same omportance of Napoleon...Caesar importance in history is for begin the Republic end...Augustus is very more important in Roman History. Napoleon set a lot of new politics in the conquested territories, create de metric system, raize the bourgois groups for all Europe and build the first Citizen army of the world, Clausewitz write the book "on war" after see the prussian army smashed for the armies of Napoleon, and Motke use "on war" for plan the first ww.


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                            How can anyone who never fought in Russia be in this poll?
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                              Originally posted by JAMiAM View Post
                              Caesar, since he got Liz Taylor while she was still a hottie...
                              "Hahahahaha! Good one Centurian, Good one!"

                              "Shutup you"

                              "Right. Terrific race, the Romans..."

                              But that said, I have to give the nod to Nappy, for many of the reasons stated above.
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                                Originally posted by Mantis View Post
                                But that said, I have to give the nod to Nappy, for many of the reasons stated above.
                                Ditto! Nappy has suddenly pulled ahead!


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