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History Post of the Month - Introduction

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  • History Post of the Month - Introduction

    Welcome to our latest project!

    We intend this to be a regular monthly poll wherein the members vote to determine the best post from our History Forums each month.


    1. Posts by Staff are not eligible for the poll.
    2. Only posts in the History sections will be considered.
    3. Posts in ACG wide history contests in Armchair Attacks may also be considered if the topic is relevant.

    This is a work in progress so next month there may be a new twist.

    Any metaphor will tear if stretched over too much reality.

    Questions about our site? See the FAQ.

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    I also suggest a little incentive...offer some rep points as well. It seems like forever for me to get a yellow box from the light green, and you will guarantee Ill be typing away tring to win those points!

    How bout it?
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    Lincoln-Douglas Debates


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      Originally posted by Drusus Nero View Post
      It seems like forever for me to get a yellow box from the light green,
      You do know it gets progressively harder to get from dark green to light green to yellow pips before you have earned a dangle, don't you?

      You may not be interested in War, but War is interested in You - Leon Trotski, June 1919.


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        Suggesting a theme: It's the 75th Anniversary of the raid on Pearl Harbor and a bunch of other stuff.

        And no, I'm not in the running for that. I'm just answering questions these days.
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