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Greatest Blunders: Napoleon in Russia vs Tsushima (Round 5-Final)

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  • Greatest Blunders: Napoleon in Russia vs Tsushima (Round 5-Final)

    Napoleon’s Invasion of Russia 1812


    Although Napoleon had organized an enormous force, he was lured ever deeper into mother Russia, resulting in the complete annihilation of his force of 500.000.

    Battle of Tsushima May 27-28, 1905

    Tsushima, a naval battle in the Russo-Japanese war of 1904-05, was a massive, humiliating disaster for the Russians. In a very one-sided action, the Russian fleet was almost totally annihilated with minimal loss to the Japanese. Although the outcome – against a superficially strong but actually rather weakened and ineffective opponent – may have been somewhat misleading to Japan, Tsushima was nevertheless instrumental in changing the balance of power, both real and perceived, in favour of Japan and to the great detriment of Russia. Aside from the enormous and far-reaching political consequences, Russia’s naval power had declined to the status of a very minor player, while Japan was now established as the sixth strongest naval power in the World.

    Japan sought to secure its sea lines of communication with the Asian mainland, to support a campaign in Manchuria. This required the neutralization of the Russian Pacific Fleet which led, between February and August 1904, to a number of engagements between the two navies and a siege of the Russian Naval base at Port Arthur. By the end of this period, the Japanese had gained the upper hand. With the situation in the Far East rapidly deteriorating, the Russians formed a second Pacific Squadron from the Baltic Fleet and sent them to the contested area. The objectives were to relieve the siege of Port Arthur, link up with remaining elements of the Russian Navy in the region and then overwhelm the Imperial Japanese Navy. This would be co-ordinated with defensive land actions, to delay the Japanese advance into Manchuria sufficiently until Russian reinforcements could arrive by the Trans-Siberian railway. The Russians sailed on 15 October under the command of Admiral Rozhestvensky.

    This was a very long voyage, especially as they had been denied access to the Suez Canal and had to go around the Cape of Good Hope. By the time they had arrived in Indochina in April/May 1905, Port Arthur had already fallen so their orders were changed to proceed to Vladivostok. Rozhestvensky chose a route through the Tsushima strait, between Japan and Korea, hoping to slip through the Sea of Japan to Vladivostok without being detected. This hope was dashed by a chance encounter in the early hours of 27 May and by 1.40pm the Russians were met in the strait by the Japanese fleet under Admiral Togo. The Russians were in very poor shape for battle after the long voyage and their morale was low. Furthermore, Japanese levels of skill and training were higher and they had better range-finding equipment. Togo succeeded tactically as well, with bold maneuvering. Action continued through the night and into the next day. The Japanese completely outclassed the Russians, who lost all of their battleships and most of their cruisers and destroyers, for a Japanese loss of three torpedo boats. By the evening of 28 May it was all over.


    Invasion of Russia 1812
    Battle of Tsushima 1905
    Flag: USA / Location: West Coast



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    Vive l'Emperuer!!

    Sure is rather chilly isn't it?
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      He had Europe as his vassals and he had the mightiest army of the age but Nappy's ego and unquenchable ambition cost him both. You could blow up your own fleet in the harbour just for the hell of it and it wouldn't get close to losing an army and an Empire in Russia.
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        I thought I would vote 1812 but went Battle of Tsushima. At least Napoleon had a chance of winning, although events conspired against him. The whole 1904-5 naval campaign was just an unmitigated disaster on the Russians part, and could easily have been foreseen. Just plain stupid imo.
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          It's easy to see that Nappy's 1812 blunder is much more popular than the mere sinking of a Russian fleet. I would tend to think it more costly a blunder as well, what with the loss of an estimated half-million troops.
          So, FINALLY...the final. I predict that Napoleon's 1812 blunder will win by at least 75-85%. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

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            Napoleon had Europe in the palm of his hand then he lost it all in a gamble with long odds


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              Go Nappy go!!!
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                No question here......Napoleon FTW-or maybe I should say FTL!
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                  Tsushima. Nick the Noodle explained it very well. Nappy at least had a chance at winning, the Russian Baltic Fleet fighting in the Pacific??? No chance in hell. They should never have been sent. This battle and the whole Russo-Japanese War sent shockwaves throughout the world because there was a new power on the scene and it wasn't white. A wake-up call for the Europeans and the US. Things in Asia would never be the same.
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                    Napoleon all the way! Long live the Emperor! Long live the revolution! Vive la France!
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                      Originally posted by Catman View Post
                      Napoleon all the way! Long live the Emperor! Long live the revolution! Vive la France!
                      Long live the Emperor's greatest defeat??
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                        Originally posted by R. Evans View Post
                        Long live the Emperor's greatest defeat??
                        Of course. I'm pro-English!
                        "The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you've got it made."
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                          Napoleon really screwed the pooch there....
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                            Oh man! This isn't even a contest !
                            Nappy is wiping the floor with Tsushima...just as he did with the rest of Europe between 1796-1815!!!!

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                              How many wild cards are there?

                              What will tsushima do?
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