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Criteria weighting for 'best tank' polls

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  • Originally posted by wellsfargo View Post
    My Prototype List ….. Subject to change without notice……. also Firepower full list

    Hope you don’t mind panther3485

    1. Firepower (40)…..Tiger I

    2. Mobility (under own power) (40)….. T-34
    3. Protection & Survivability (40)…… Tiger I
    4. Balance of Firepower/Mobility/Protection (30)……Tiger I

    5. 'Soft' factors impacting efficiency (30)…….M4

    6. The ‘edge’ factor and Psychological elements (10) ……..Tiger I

    7. Proven battlefield performance (40……. Tiger I
    8. Contribution to advancement of tank design (10)……..T-34

    9. Value to user nation/s and/or to Allied/Axis cause (30)……M4

    10. Effort/cost of running, maintenance and repair (30)………T-34

    11. Transportability & deployment (20)……….T-34
    12. Production & consumption of resources (20……….. M4
    Firepower (40) Tiger I

    Excellent (36) Tiger II M4 Medium T-34 Panther Char B-1 PzKpfw IV KV-1 Cromwell

    Good (24) C Matilda II IS-2 PzKpfw III

    OK (12) Valentine Churchill PzKpfw 39 t Somua S-35 M3 M13-40/14-41/15-42

    Poor (0) Crusader Type 97 Chi-Ha

    PS…… I was going to wait for the start gun…………….

    “Attack with aggression, but always have a plan of retreat”

    “The Engine of the Panzer is Its Weapon just as much as the cannon”
    Generaloberst Heinz Guderian
    No Martin, I don't mind at all if some of you guys want to do a practise run.

    The 'real thing' should be up and running within the next day or so. Maybe a little more, maybe a little less. You will see the poll threads appearing over that time. They will be temporarily closed until they are all finished and I am happy to go with them. Then I will open all 13 threads at the same time (the 12 poll threads and a 'Master' thread for general discussion). So in a way, it will be kinda like a starting pistol.

    Patience, please. We're almost there now.
    "England expects that every man will do his duty!" (English crew members had better get ready for a tough fight against the combined French and Spanish fleets because that's what England expects! However, Scotland, Wales and Ireland appear to expect nothing so the Scottish, Welsh and Irish crew members can relax below decks if they like!)


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