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Criteria weighting for 'best tank' polls

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  • Originally posted by wellsfargo View Post
    My Prototype List ….. Subject to change without notice……. also Firepower full list

    Hope you don’t mind panther3485

    1. Firepower (40)…..Tiger I

    2. Mobility (under own power) (40)….. T-34
    3. Protection & Survivability (40)…… Tiger I
    4. Balance of Firepower/Mobility/Protection (30)……Tiger I

    5. 'Soft' factors impacting efficiency (30)…….M4

    6. The ‘edge’ factor and Psychological elements (10) ……..Tiger I

    7. Proven battlefield performance (40……. Tiger I
    8. Contribution to advancement of tank design (10)……..T-34

    9. Value to user nation/s and/or to Allied/Axis cause (30)……M4

    10. Effort/cost of running, maintenance and repair (30)………T-34

    11. Transportability & deployment (20)……….T-34
    12. Production & consumption of resources (20……….. M4
    Firepower (40) Tiger I

    Excellent (36) Tiger II M4 Medium T-34 Panther Char B-1 PzKpfw IV KV-1 Cromwell

    Good (24) C Matilda II IS-2 PzKpfw III

    OK (12) Valentine Churchill PzKpfw 39 t Somua S-35 M3 M13-40/14-41/15-42

    Poor (0) Crusader Type 97 Chi-Ha

    PS…… I was going to wait for the start gun…………….

    “Attack with aggression, but always have a plan of retreat”

    “The Engine of the Panzer is Its Weapon just as much as the cannon”
    Generaloberst Heinz Guderian
    No Martin, I don't mind at all if some of you guys want to do a practise run.

    The 'real thing' should be up and running within the next day or so. Maybe a little more, maybe a little less. You will see the poll threads appearing over that time. They will be temporarily closed until they are all finished and I am happy to go with them. Then I will open all 13 threads at the same time (the 12 poll threads and a 'Master' thread for general discussion). So in a way, it will be kinda like a starting pistol.

    Patience, please. We're almost there now.
    "Chatfield, there seems to be something wrong with our bloody ships today!"
    Vice Admiral Beatty to Flag Captain Chatfield; Battle of Jutland, 31 May - 1 June, 1916.


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