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    Hello Everyone,

    I would like to know more about the campaign battles and the rules associated with how to play/contribute. When is the next campaign? From what I have already seen I look forward to having fun and learning from some really educated people.
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    Me too.
    I would even be interested in runnig something, but I have never run a PBM before and am just wrapping up my first one as a player.

    Keep an eye on the "What if" threads, I might have an idea soon.


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      The campaigns are a lot of fun. When I got here I didn't think they would interest me but I got hooked and you will too.

      Basically what they do is make a tournament bracket, similar to a pro sports play off. Instead of teams you have military leaders from the past going head to head with each other. The members of the forum vote in each bracket for the person they think is the better leader of the two given his particular circumstances. Members debate the merits of the leaders and try to sway the votes of the other members. The historical leader who gets the most votes wins the round and advances to face another leader who also won his previous round. Ultimately one leader will be crowned the best among all that were in the tournament.

      Aside from the debates about who is the best leader in each contest, there is also the opportunity for forum members to predict the winners of each round. The member who has the best record of predictions wins the tournament.

      I suggest you go look up the last two campaigns and read the threads. You will then understand better what is going on.

      It is a lot of fun and I found that I learned things about historical leaders that I never knew. You will enjoy this when the next one comes up. Stick around. It is a lot of fun


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        The brackets generally run along the lines of the NCAA Basket Ball Tournament brackets...

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          THanks Miss... Ill keep an eye out for the next one.


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            Good Explanation Misss Saigon...Thanks
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