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Lee vs. Grant (Round II) Corrected Match - Please Vote Again

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    Originally posted by R.E.Lee View Post
    Jackson and CatholicCrusade are right. It is a simple matter of probablity and numbers.
    NO it is not! Its a simple matter of Appomattox Court House. Who did what to whom. Grant wins! Paint it what ever way you want. Grant beats Lee. and don't come with the childish response that ya Grant had more manpower. That was a give at the start of the war and the fools still insisted on fighting one and then come with all the hand ringing apologiest. Lee broke his word, Lee defiled his honor, Lee and his supporters should be happy that he was not hung as a traitor.
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      I have to choose Grant for the poll. Grant persued his enemy and used his advantage of having superior resource base and used the concept of total war against his opponent. The argument of if the roles were reversed is moot. Lee had a chance at Gettysburg, but allowed his pride to interfere with his judgement(which up till then was quite impressive).


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        Yeah, & the numbers game doesn't work out so well early in the war when Grant was at roughly equal terms with his opponents. Battles like Ft Donnelson & Henry, Shiloh, & Vicksburg all showed Grant when he was either close in numbers or even initially outnumbered. Funny how the 64' campaign alone is used as the yardstick to measure against him......yet as Lee is given credit for losing battle after battle in the Seven Days Campaign & yet winning the overall campaign, so too does Grant get that credit in the Overland campaign. Grant caused almost 100,000 Rebs to surrender between Donnelson/Henry, Vicksburg, & the Appomattox campaign. Lee gets credit for 12k at Harpers Ferry during the Antietam campaign. Nowhere close.
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          If Robert Lee had had the kind of soldiers Grant had he would have easily won this one. There is just some kind of aura and presence about him.


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            You must remember that Grant had far more supplies than Lee.


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