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History’s 100 Greatest Commanders - Round One - Poll no 2 of 4.

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    I missed poll #1 (guess it's too late now?) but voted as follows in this poll:

    Gustavus Adolphus
    Frederick The Great
    Horation Nelson
    Duke of Wellington

    Not knowing much about some of those in the poll was a bit of an impediment, but I did my best based on what I do know.
    "England expects that every man will do his duty!" (English crew members had better get ready for a tough fight against the combined French and Spanish fleets because that's what England expects! However, Scotland, Wales and Ireland appear to expect nothing so the Scottish, Welsh and Irish crew members can relax below decks if they like!)


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      This poll is now closed!

      Thank you for your votes.

      The top eight Generals heading into the next round are:

      Napoleon - 51
      Gustavus Adolphus - 29
      Frederick the Great - 27
      Horatio Nelson - 27
      George Washington - 26
      Duke of Wellington - 21
      Oliver Cromwell - 12
      Shaka Zulu - 11

      Dr. S.
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