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History’s 100 Greatest Commanders - Round One - Poll no 1 of 4.

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      Flavius Belisarius- Impressive victories for the Byzantines.
      Genghis Khan-Impressive victories and conquered so much territory.
      William the Conquerer-We wouldn't be conversing in English, and there wouldn't be countries called United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc without his victory at Hastings.
      Charlamegne-Nobody did more for spreading Christianity in Western Europe than him, and he setup up many learning facilities, and the people of Western Europe became more literate
      Alexander the Great-impressive victories and conquered so much territory. Greek influence on future civlizations still seen in today's world.

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        In all of the polls I picked people not just because of their ability in combat but for other aspects of generalship, such as building the organisation required for a great army and their effect on history. I think some figures, Qin, may get overlooked because they are not well known in our Western oriented education.

        Quick question... Did Genghis Khan conquor more territory than Alexander The Great?
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          I believe the Mongol Empire was bigger, but it was conquered by more than one guy, over a larger period of time. It certainly lasted longer!

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            Gengis Khan conqured more. It was probably the second largest land Empire in history. Some people say the largest, but, I belive the Islamic Empire was bigger.
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              This poll is now closed!

              Thank you for your votes.

              The top eight Generals heading into the next round are:

              Alexander the Great - 53
              Julius Caesar - 28
              Ghengis Khan - 28
              Hannibal - 25
              Scipio Africanus - 24
              Saladin - 18
              Charlemagne - 12
              William the Conqueror - 11

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