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Zinni pans Iraq war

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  • Zinni pans Iraq war

    Retired Marine General Anthony Zinni, formerly CinC CENTCOM (1990-93) and Middle East envoy, has roundly criticized the prosecution of the war in Iraq, saying Bush lacked a clear casus belli (reason for war), and that the war left our reputation in the Middle East in tatters.

    Zinni against Iraq war

    Comments, opinions, rebukes?
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    I will abstain from this one and will let my American Compadres debate this one.

    Soviet and Canadian medal collector!


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      Zinni on Saddam:
      "He's a bad guy. He's a terrible guy and he should go," Zinni said. "But I don't think it's worth 800 troops dead, 4,500 wounded some of them terribly $200 billion of our treasury and counting, and our reputation and our image in the world, particularly in that region, shattered."
      And this from a BTDT general - I can only agree. :thumb:

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        Zinni is a bit (?) of a loose cannon since he's retired. He's the general who confounded a war game that was being used to test comm's. What he did as OPFOR Cdr was beat the BlueFor by using very unconventional operating techniques.

        He has gone on long and loud, but has not really said what we should do...


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          I think he's good at pointing out what doesn't work, but comes up a little short on the what does; of course that would be an 'expert' in any field.

          Apparently a former CENTCOM commander's opinion that Iraq wasn't an immenent threat doesn't count for much anymore; it's not like he was there and got daily reports or knew anything about the situation But, generals don't directly make foreign policy and don't decide who gets attacked, just (hopefully) how and where and with what.
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