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Stories you might not know from The Iraq War

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  • Stonewall_Jack
    Mini Bio on Tamario Burkett,

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  • Stonewall_Jack
    Here is how those Iraqi Doctors and Nurses that helped wounded American POWs would have looked like,

    Look closely at this pic from Basra University College of Medicine in Iraq from 2010, one can see freedom prevails in Iraq, where women can cover their hair or not. Education is a huge motivator for Iraqis. It only makes sense, The Islamic Golden Age saw a great prosperity for the advancements of Science and Medicine thanks to the Arabs.

    If not already undertaken, a move should be made so that those heroic Iraqi men and women that helped American POWS in the 2003 Iraq war be rewarded.

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  • Stories you might not know from The Iraq War

    The Iraq War(2003) stands out greatly to me. Here was a case of a battle of wits between GWB and Saddam Hussein, both men convinced they were right but more important both men told the other to bring it on.

    Then we have the regular everyday Americans and everyday Iraqis whom are told to fight under GWB and under Hussein whether or not they agree with the direction of the Gov.

    Aside from the polarizing liberals and conservatives whom polarize the Iraq War, whether its the false view that the Americans were the bad guys, or the Iraqis were the bad guys...many people look at this war as a war that clearly included good guys on both sides unlike for example WW2 or the Afghan war fought against The Taliban.The United States fought not one, but two bloody wars against England, but of course The English side is not vilified as there is no logical need to do so, same with the Iraq side in the Iraq War(2003)

    Similar to the false view that America was a big time bully, some folks try and claim that the Iraqi side was weak and incapable of doing anything but running in the Iraq War. Truth is though that the Iraqi side in fact inflicted numerous casualties on the American side. Dozens of Americans were KIA in the one month War against Iraq. The Iraqi army was up against the greatest military in the world, the fact Iraq held out for a month is quite impressive. Some folks do not know that Iraqis fought back against the USA under Hussein.

    Not only this , but some Americans were in fact taken as POWs by the Iraqi army under goes to show the ability of the Iraqis..Because of course its no walk in the park to capture American troops. Some folks never knew this, they just thought Iraq was a walk in the park for US soldiers.

    Moving on the Jessica Lynch story might need its own thread but we can discuss Lynch here. It has been claimed that the rescue of Lynch at the time back in 2003 was the first successful rescue of an American pow since WW2 . Some have also said the Lynch rescue was a staged propaganda event. There was a report that Lynch was rescured in part do to the work of a Iraqi civilian Mohammed Odeh al-Rehaief. But the story might not add up, some have said Rehaief lied to US authorities about the treatment of Lynch, basically to try and make it look like Lynch was being tortured or similar, later in life it was reported Mohammed Odeh al-Rehaief made a ton of money on a book deal that had to do with the Lynch rescue.

    There were reports that Lynch was tortured by her Iraqi captors, such reports are disputed by Iraqis and apparently Lynch herself but on this point if anyone here has info on what really occurred with the Lynch rescue please show us.

    Here is a video taken by the US military of the Lynch rescue, we can see that Lynch appears scared but all in all it was good to see her taken back home.

    There is also the tale of Shoshana Johnson. Johnson was an American solider who was in a convoy traveling in Nasiriyah but was along with her unit eventually ambushed by the Iraqi army... The Ambush resulted in the death of a # of Americans..In addition Johnson and other Americans were taken and held as POWS by the Iraqi army. Johnson was taken POW along with Jessica Lynch.,4318743

    Very interesting is how Johnson talks about how Iraqi hospital workers operated on their enemy, the very Americans that came into Iraq. Johnson reports seeing Iraqi people help wounded Americans, one Iraqi doctor saying along the line "we want the Americans to view us Iraqis as honorable people".

    Finally as a native of Buffalo. I have to give a shout out to Tamario Burkett from Buffalo NY. Burkett was KIA back in March of 2003 while trying to help secure a bridge over the Euphrates river. And of course there are many more brave and good people from Iraq and The USA like Burkett that lost their lives back in The 2003 Iraq war.

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