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Saddam Captured Alive!

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  • Saddam Captured Alive!

    I happy my first post since getting back from my vacation is a big one. Saddam is now in coalition custody!

    CNN Report
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    Do you think we will allow him to escape death penalty in exchange for his full cooperation? i.e. he goes on TV says "i am captured and please stop the attacks. it is over." also he gives info on WMD and the real nature of his ties to Al Quida. Would this be worth it to spare him the death penealty? I think it might! especially if he does something serious on TV urging an end to hostilities and telling his people that he was wrong and was chasing a misguided dream. would be powerful!
    oh and welcome back Brian!
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      I think he'd have to have something pretty important to share before they could even consider keeping him alive. Having him 'justly' executed would be a great victory for the US. Better than anything achieved so far, I believe.
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