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The Next Halliburton Conspiracy Theory...

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  • The Next Halliburton Conspiracy Theory...

    From the New York Times, 10 September 2007...
    The Hunt Oil Company of Dallas has become the first international company to receive permission to drill for oil in the Kurdistan region of Northern Iraq since the local government issued an oil-and-gas law last month.

    Under its contract with the Kurdistan regional government, Hunt, a closely held company, will join the Impulse Energy Corporation to survey for oil in the Dihok district this year before drilling its first well in 2008. The information was contained in a Hunt Oil statement posted yesterday on Ame Info, a business Web site based in Dubai.

    The Kurdistan region has pursued an energy policy independent of Iraq’s national government since 2003, when the United States led an invasion to topple Saddam Hussein...
    I'm just shocked that the Bush-Bashers and al-Qaeda Apologists have yet to pounce on this one. Hunt Oil Company's CEO, Ray Hunt served on Halliburton's Board of Directors from 1998 to 2006.

    Mr. Hunt also serves on the following...
    With respect to government service, in October 2001 and again in January 2006, Mr. Hunt was appointed by President George W. Bush to the President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board in Washington, D.C. Mr. Hunt was also appointed to the board of directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas in 1998 and served as its chairman for four years until rotating off of the board on December 31, 2006. Additionally, he is currently a member of the National Petroleum Council (an industry advisory organization to the Secretary of Energy) and served as its chairman from June 1991 to July 1994.
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    "I'm just shocked that the Bush-Bashers and al-Qaeda Apologists have yet to pounce on this one."

    Bush bashing is not exactly all that exciting though
    I mean, I have never bashed the man because I thought it was "fun" or anything along those lines myself hehe.

    Maybe when they have used up all the other available topics they might get to this one
    Life is change. Built models for decades.
    Not sure anyone here actually knows the real me.
    I didn't for a long time either.


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      we have a saying over here "you dont' shoot a dead person", the french say "you dont' shoot an ambulance".

      all has been shows already on the cronysm and cleptocratic habit of the curent (and past) administrations. some believe the facts some dont' and vice versa.

      personally, I like vice more.
      "Freedom cannot exist without discipline, self-discipline, and rights cannot exist without duties. Those who do not observe their duties do not deserve their rights."--Oriana Fallaci


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        If the Kurds let J.R. Ewing in on the oil leases they sure wouldn't have to worry anymore about terrorists. The Ewing clan can sneak down to the level of the best of them.
        "If you are right, then you are right even if everyone says you are wrong. If you are wrong then you are wrong even if everyone says you are right." William Penn.


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