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The war hits home for a Deaf person...

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  • The war hits home for a Deaf person...


    I'd like to share this bit of news about a certain deaf person who has a hearing cousin serving in Iraq. He's now home after suffering massive injuries from an IED explosion. He was supposed to be home last May, but his tour was extended, so it sucks for his family.

    We all know how the Deaf can't serve in the armed forces, but that doesn't mean they're not suffering in some way. This hearing cousin was raised in a Deaf family (he is a CODA = Child Of Deaf Adult). Please pray for him and his Deaf family's comfort. Hopefully he will get better soon.

    take time to read it, and be proud that he did his duty!

    Dan :flag:
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    Sounds like he has paid a LOT for his country's well being, and he should be respected for that. I hope he comes out of the hospital his old self soon.

    Seeing articles like that, one can only respond by thinking things like, he should be free from having to ever pay taxes again, or at the very least, never be required to pay for health care ever again (if that is not already the case in the US for a serviceman).

    Men like that, even when they volunteer and know what they are getting into in advance, are still all the same, giving a great service to their nation anyway.
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