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An Army Ranger on The Iraq War

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  • An Army Ranger on The Iraq War

    Rangers Lead The Way!

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    Congrats to the guy who put this together, well done. A small bit of truthful light show the vast hypocrisy of most large media outfits (& the Democratic party leadership).
    "If you are right, then you are right even if everyone says you are wrong. If you are wrong then you are wrong even if everyone says you are right." William Penn.


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      yup and if Genral Shinseki hadnt given away the lads black berets we'd all be happy.

      Only career mistake the man ever made.


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        the right guy is in command, the awakening movements are a major step forward, and with Sunni co-operation comes good intel and an ally that knows the who's wats and wheres. finally we have a sizable force that has been turning the tables on AQ and Iranians. we are not in the dark about "secret cells", Al Quds, and the Shia desire for power. killing off the Mahdi, and maybe if Sadr himself got it too, may give Iraq a chance. pulling them out or cutting off funding is playing right into the enemies hands. they better worry about the eventual fall of the Musharraf gov., and the taliban not only controlling the NWFP, but ALL of P-stan-and thier nuclear weapons. all those considered infidels will be in range. Berlin, Paris, Vienna, London...our politicians should let Gen. Petraeus do his job and start thinking about letting our forces cross into P-stan, like JSOC planned to do awhile ago, only to be nixed by the INEPT D. Rumsfeld and who knows who else. the P-stani gov. has CEDED these border territories to the t-ban, so to me, that makes it a free fire zone. let JSOC and the Airborne do thier jobs. or, we can do nothing, and these islamo-facsists will cross into a-stan to kill US soldiers, and the few allies we have there. NATO-SHAME, SHAME. Ranger, Godspeed.


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          The Ranger doesn't seem to understand that the enemy within has no heart. They aren't confused about what is going on in Iraq: they are on the other side.


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            Even if the US troops pull back to Kuwait it's just a question of time before they have to re-enter Iraq as all hell breaks loose there. I think the dems and others want to escape from the war in Iraq but they'll never escape from the reality of the region. The reality of the region is what it is and there is nothing we can do about it in the short term. If we bid farewell to the enemy he will follow us and find us. If the libs want to surrender Iraq then I assume they don't have a problem with surrendering all US influence and presence in the Mid East. What the hell do they think, we just pull out of Iraq and we go back to the starting point in 2003? There is no going back. A failure in Iraq means a failure in the region. You can bet some of the former allies in the Mid East will turn to Iran and Syria for alliances as American power turns out to be just a bunch of empty promises.
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            "Artillery adds dignity to what would otherwise be a ugly brawl."
            --Frederick II, King of Prussia


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              The truly ironical thing is that if things continue to improve (and there are no guarantees they will except for the hard work of the men on the ground and the Iraqis themselves), the US might actually be able to withdraw much of its troops next year!

              This is why this rush for immediate withdrawal seemed so ... well ... unseemly and rushed!


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