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Hizbullah penetration of Israel...

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  • Hizbullah penetration of Israel...

    This is an article that looks at the extent of Hizbullah's penetration of Israel via Israeli Arabs. This is a very dangerous trend. It also puts to rest the idea that a "contained" nuclear Iran wouldn't really be much of a problem.
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    Sino, this isn't an unusual situation for all concerned. There are "vulnerable" elements in Lebanon and occupied Palestine that are exploited by Israel, as well. Last I heard, recently Israel's intelligence activities in Lebanon suffered a major setback. But these activities are constant, so we're left to speculate on how things are now.

    This JPost article highlights the issue of ethnicity in these operations, but truth be told, Israeli Jews are also successfully recruited on the basis of cold cash. Which suggests the intended agenda promoted in this piece is to discredit the Arab population residing in Jewish controlled occupied Palestine.


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