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Russo/Syrian Forces Launch Airstrikes To Halt Turkish Convoy

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  • Russo/Syrian Forces Launch Airstrikes To Halt Turkish Convoy

    It seems that the Syrians (and Russians) are beginning to make their Big Push into Idlib Provence, and would like the Turks to vacate. The attacks from the articles I've read (BBC link below) allege that the air strikes were near the front of a Turkish column of armored vehicles (including 5 M-60s on transporters), which were being sent, apparently, to reinforce Turkish outposts. Syrians claim this was an "aggressive" move on the Turks part.

    Are the Turks readying up to defend Idlib, and this was a first move? Are the Russians (Syrians???) testing Turkey's resolve? Are one or both sides willing to risk further escalation? I can't see Russia going toe to toe with Turkey. They just do not have the force to do it. After buying the S-400s one would think that the Turks would not be pushing escalation. OTOH, perhaps the buy had more to do with "Buying off" Russia with some hard cash to keep the Bear from bearing down in Syria too much?

    Interesting times.

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    Here's a thought...what with the Turks pushing the envelope by reinforcing what they think is an area that comes under Turkish influence albeit actually in Syria, suppose they get themselves in farther than they really wanted and need to be extricated. The Russians/Syrians are about to declare war on Turkey. As a NATO signatory, the rest of NATO is supposed to come to their aid. I really can't see that happening. The US will probably have to put up a few airplanes seeing as we have forward bases in Turkey and it would look bad if we didn't do ANYTHING but, come on, realistically, what kind of a chance would they have going up against a combined Russo-Syrian force?
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