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Muslim farmers build church for Christian neighbours

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  • Muslim farmers build church for Christian neighbours

    Muslim farmers in a village in near the city of Gojra in Pakistan's Punjab province are putting their savings together and helping build a church for the Christians in their neighbourhood.

    We all have our outlooks on life. I find that pursuing peace with different types of cultural backgrounds is a great way to go. I also believe that bigotry should be fought against anytime bigotry shows its ugly face. One of the reasons why I so adamantly defend different cultures is because peaceful people exist everywhere. All the great stories like Star Wars, Star Trek, Robin Hood, King Arthur, Alladin, people love these stories because of the unity and good defeating evil. I also love it when in real life we get to hear about good defeating evil, like these good Muslims and Christians of Pakistan who by merely being friends with each other...are taking a stand against bigotry.

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