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Jordan bursts into protests over fuel price hike

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  • Jordan bursts into protests over fuel price hike

    Jordan traditionally buys natural gas from Egypt, but the pipeline that delivers gas from Egypt to Israel and then to Jordan has been blown up over a dozen times in the desert on the Sinai Peninsula in recent months. Amman has been forced to compensate for the gas delivery disruptions, using more expensive oil fuel for electricity generation, which amounted to US$7 million a day, a huge sum for the small Middle-Eastern country. Overall, the gas pipeline attacks blew a $3 billion deficit hole in the national budget of Jordan.

    "The financial situation in the country has been greatly affected by the Arab Spring. The economic situation is very precarious," Jordan’s PM Abdullah Ensourn said.

    Ensourn said the country needs to offset $15 billion so price hike for natural gas and other fuels is inevitable. He also said that gasoline price will go up 14 per cent, whereas diesel and kerosene for households will get more expensive by 33 per cent. But the worst situation is with natural gas, used by impecunious Jordanians for cooking and heating – it rises a whopping 54 per cent.
    And so it begins...
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    This is unfair.Just when I got my driving licence,fuel price increased.When I will get into buying my own car,it will be probably electric because of excessive fuel price.

    I don't want electric car.I want diesel.
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