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Russia kicks pirate butts

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  • Russia kicks pirate butts

    Operation to free Russian tanker from Somali pirates lasted 22 minutes (WRAPUP 3)

    A high-ranking official from the maritime coalition forces said Navy forces made the decision to free the Moscow University tanker as they were aware the sailors had taken cover in an area inaccessible to the pirates on board the ship.

    "Around 3.00 a.m. Moscow time [23:00 Wednesday GMT], the warship sailed out toward the tanker's location to assess the situation. Then the decision on conducting a special operation was taken," the official said, adding the pirates had been detained. He also said the Navy forces had not suffered any casualties.


    According to the official, the commandos from the Marshal Shaposhnikov detained 10 pirates and killed one during the release of the tanker.

    "During the reconnaissance preceding the assault operation, the Russian commandos simultaneously used helicopters and speedboats while special forces covertly approached the tanker," the official said, adding that after a short shootout the pirates were detained and put under custodial guard in one of the tanker's compartments.

    "During the Shaposhnikov's special operation, the pirates on board the Moscow University tanker opened fire using small arms. One of them was shot during return fire," the military official said. He also said no sailors were injured.

    Siege of Leningrad battlefield tour

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    The key to the operation was this fact:

    The raid on the Liberian-flagged ship Moscow University came 24 hours after pirates had taken the ship over and the crew locked itself in a safe room. The vessel is carrying 86,000 tons of crude oil worth about $50 million.
    The crew of the Moscow University had previously told officials they believed the pirates were trying to enter the engine room, Thornqvist said. The ship had been disabled and was not moving. Safe rooms, where crews seek shelter, are typically stocked with food, water and communications equipment and have reinforced doors that can only be opened from the inside.
    The ship's owner, Novoship, said the decision to free the ship was made knowing "that the crew was under safe cover inaccessible to the pirates and that the lives and health of the sailors was not threatened by anything."
    The Pirates had the ship, but the crew was safe, making the decesion to storm the ship a lot easier.
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      Siege of Leningrad battlefield tour


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