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Pathways to and from violent extremism

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  • Pathways to and from violent extremism

    One thing I've noticed about terrorism reporting and open source research is that it seems dominated by political science (an oxymoron IMHO) that only yields high level statisical results. What if your research could tell you which coffee shop on which street was most likely to produce a batch of militants?

    From a transcript of Congressional testimony reported on

    a few excerpts:

    • Gallup and Pew surveys indicate that perhaps 7 percent of the world's Muslim population — nearly 100 million people — sympathize with jihadi aspirations. But of those many millions, only a few thousands actually commit to violence. Our data show that a reliable predictor of whether or not someone joins the Jihad is being a member of an action-oriented group of friends. It's surprising how many soccer buddies join together.
    • A serious problem in our cooperation with intelligence and military counterparts in several countries — for example, Morocco, Egypt, Uzbekistan —is that they have trouble even recognizing they have homegrown problems of radicalization that are not due to the West or to some nebulous "Jihad International."
    A Coherent Program to Counter Violent Extremism Should Focus On:
    • Countering radicalization that has progressed to violence, by de-coupling the Qaeda movement from the local and cultural grievances and national movements that Qaeda tries to co-opt. For example, the Taliban and Somalia's Islamic Courts, unlike Al Qaeda, are interested in their homeland, not ours, and all need to be dealt with very differently.
    Any metaphor will tear if stretched over too much reality.

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    Terrorism in fact is not very attractive and few persons get in .
    Also terrorism kill less people than drug wars and mafias and crime all over the world.

    And crime is more dangerous for our nations and cost much more money.
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