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Religion of Peace Strikes again (28Apr04)

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  • Religion of Peace Strikes again (28Apr04)

    From the Washington Post (registration required):

    "Thai security forces repulsed a coordinated attack by scores of Islamic fighters against police posts in three provinces on Wednesday, killing at least 107 of the fighters in an attempt to quell a simmering insurgency in the Muslim-majority south, authorities reported.

    The assault began before dawn, police said, when the fighters, many of them teenagers armed with guns, knives and machetes, raided about 15 posts only to discover that police had been tipped to the attack and were waiting with superior firepower. The fighting continued for much of the day until Thai security forces with tear gas, assault rifles and rocket-propelled grenades launched a counterattack against a four-century-old mosque where many retreating militants had holed up.

    It always brings a smile to my face to see the bad guys suffer a surprise arse-kicking.
    Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated... again...

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    Score another victory for the Forces of Good!!!!

    Soviet and Canadian medal collector!


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      Machetes, knives? What a waste.


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        A story published today that is perhaps apropos, given the title of this thread.

        G.I.'s Are Accused of Abusing Iraqi Captives
        By JAMES RISEN

        Published: April 29, 2004

        WASHINGTON, April 28 American soldiers at a prison outside Baghdad have been accused of forcing Iraqi prisoners into acts of sexual humiliation and other abuses in order to make them talk, according to officials and others familiar with the charges.

        The charges, first announced by the military in March, were documented by photographs taken by guards inside the prison, but were not described in detail until some of the pictures were made public.

        Some of the photographs, and descriptions of others, were broadcast Wednesday night by the CBS News program "60 Minutes II" and were verified by military officials.

        Of the six people reported in March to be facing preliminary charges, three have been recommended for court martial trials, having completed the military equivalent of a grand jury proceeding, a senior Pentagon official said late Wednesday. The decision on convening courts martial is now up to Lt. Gen. Ricardo S. Sanchez, the senior American commander in Iraq.

        The other grand jury hearings, called Article 32 proceedings under military law, have been delayed at the request of defense counsel.

        The CBS News program reported that poorly trained American reservists were forcing Iraqis to conduct simulated sexual acts, among other things, in order to break down their will before they were turned over to others for interrogation.

        Charges against the soldiers included assault, cruelty, indecent acts and maltreatment of detainees, Pentagon officials have previously said. ..." New York Times 4/29/04
        And we are here as on a darkling plain
        Swept with confused alarms of struggle and flight,
        Where ignorant armies clash by night.

        Matthew Arnold


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          Abuse of prisoners

          Yeah Brevet, if these allegations prove to be true, some soldiers are going to have lots of time to consider the error of their ways. In fact, their officers will also be called to explain the conduct of their subordinates,and themselves - it is hard to believe that such things occurred without their knowledge.

          Such revelations cannot help our relations with Arab/Muslim nations. More than anyone, I hope that the officers are harshly dealt with. Again, that is if the charges are proven to be true.
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