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Albright exposes lie of Clinton "War on Terror" spin

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  • Albright exposes lie of Clinton "War on Terror" spin

    Albright's Appeasement

    "The Bush administration's decision to detain hundreds of people in Guantanamo, Cuba, may be helping the al-Qaeda network recruit terrorists, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said today," reports Bloomberg News:

    "It is possible and perhaps probable that anger over these detentions has helped (Osama) bin Laden succeed in recruiting more new operatives," Albright, secretary of state in the Clinton administration, said in prepared testimony. Albright is among the first witnesses as an independent commission on the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks opened two days of politically charged hearings.

    Then again, we tried not holding anyone at Guantanamo, and the result was a series of al Qaeda attacks culminating with Sept. 11. Somehow bin Laden & Co. managed to find things to be angry about anyway. Go figure.

    But there's a serious point here: Just about any antiterror measure can be expected to make terrorists or terrorist wannabes angry. Albright's appeasement approach would lead to complete paralysis and, no doubt, to more terrorist attacks. One wonders what John Kerry thinks of all this.

    So despite the bodyguard of lies being spread by the DNC "Newsmedia", the truth about the Clinton Administration's views on terrorism still managed to spill out. Apparently in the Clinton Whitehouse, where Albright claims "fighting Terrorism was the number one priority" the idea of locking up Terrorists and their supporters would have been considered a very bad idea. We cannot lock them up, that might make them mad! One has to wonder what Albright thinks the PROPER way to fight Terrorists would be? Give then a stern talking to? File a diplomatic protest? Increase Foreign Aid to their State Sponsors? Albright, unwittingly, has exposed the root cause of 9-11. The inability of the American Political Left to face the reality that there is evil in the world and it MUST be fought with bullets and bombs, not good intentions and words.

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