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Chinese withdrawal or regrouping for War.

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  • Chinese withdrawal or regrouping for War.

    Chinese withdrawal or regrouping for War.

    From couple of hours media reports are coming that Chinese has started
    withdrawing troops from India borders.

    Indians weary because same way they had made peace gesture and attacked in 1962.

    It was on 15th of July in 1962.

    This time it's on 7th of July 2020.

    Shiv Aroor (@ShivAroor) Tweeted: 97 days after this banner headline, the 1962 war happened.

    Chinese troops shift 2 km from Galwan Valley clash site

    Doval, Wang Yi phone call sets drawdown of troops in motion

    Three weeks after the worst military clashes in decades, India and China have begun the process of disengagement at contentious locations along the disputed Line of Actual Control (LAC), a government source said on Monday.

    The disengagement process, a work in progress, commenced after Special Representatives (SRs) Ajit Doval and Wang Yi, tasked to hammer out a solution to the boundary dispute, spoke by telephone on Sunday evening. The Hindu had reported on Sunday that the SRs would hold talks to resolve boundary tensions between the two countries.

    In the first signs of de-escalation, Chinese troops moved back some distance and dismantled tents at some locations along the LAC.

    But Chinese seems to buying time.

    China buying time with border talks, satellite images show PLA helicopter support base near stand-off areas

    Key Highlights
    • New PLA site under construction just 155 km from Pangong Tso
    • The construction work is taking place in Gar County, Rutog County and Pishan County
    • Before 1962 Sino-India war, the Chinese maintained that any dispute with India should be resolved through diplomatic means

    New Delhi: Continuing with its Sun Tzu-esque deception, China is ramping up infrastructure along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) while holding diplomatic and military-level talks with India.

    New satellite pictures by Planet Labs and analysis by Sim Tack has revealed that the PLA is developing helicopter support base near stand-off areas.

    Posting the images, OSINT handle d-atis said that China’s PLA helicopter bases are capable of supporting the current India-China stand-off and that the new site under construction is just 155 km from Pangong Tso with basic outline resembling what could possibly be a new heliport.

    The construction work is going on in Gar County, Rutog County and Pishan County.

    I believe there is a Chinese doctrine, that involves large troop movement based on heliborne troops.

    I am highly skeptical of Chinese intent.

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    This particular Media Channel and it's You Tube account has been blocked by Chinese Government in Hongkong and Mainland China.

    It was very vocal about Chinese actions against Australia, Hongkong and UK.


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