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They killed him, fed his wife blood-soaked rice

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  • They killed him, fed his wife blood-soaked rice

    They killed him, fed his wife blood-soaked rice.

    At a US Congressional hearing on human rights, columnist Sunanda Vashisht recalled the nightmarish ordeal suffered by Kashmiri Hindus in 1990. "Terrorism has uprooted me and snatched my home from me," she said

    I am a member of the minority Hindu community from Kashmir, victim of the worst ethnic cleansing witnessed in independent India," Vashisht said. "I speak here today because I am a survivor."

    She then proceeded to describe in heart-rending detail the fate that had befallen victims.

    One of them was a young man, an engineer named BK Ganjoo, who she said hid in a rice container in his attic when terrorists came for him.

    "He would have been alive today had his location not been disclosed to the terrorists by his own neighbours....The terrorists shot him through the container and forced his wife to eat the blood-soaked rice," Sunanda Vashisht said.

    Back in 1990's our Liberal, Leftist, Socialist Political parties supported by Marxist / Maoist , were too ashamed to tell the world that they as responsible Government were unable to save their Majority Religion Hindus in their own ancient land.

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