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of Kashmiris deserve better. Let’s give peace a chance

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  • of Kashmiris deserve better. Let’s give peace a chance

    of Kashmiris deserve better. Let’s give peace a chance
    A promise of hope, change and transformation. A promise of getting rid of deceit, terror and the power nexus. A promise to give our much beloved motherland, Kashmir, a chance of peace. Will the promises hold?

    Written by Aanchal Magazine |Updated: August 19, 2019 7:21:56 am
    Is 370 an article of faith or just a number? A privileged identity or a misplaced entitlement. If I leave out the middle number, 30 remains. My age. The years in exile. The age of my mother when she carried me out as an infant from our homeland Kashmir into an unknown land.

    As I held her hand in the corridors of a Delhi hospital, I pondered over how it would have been for her to not be able to inform her parents for five months about migrating to Delhi in 1990 with two young daughters and her husband, from our initial transit point of Jammu, after our expulsion from Kashmir. Five months feel all the more arduous when I imagine not speaking to my parents for even a day.

    The previous day, my mother had taken us to her former home in Habba Kadal, Srinagar. The place where she grew up with her grandmother, parents, brother and two sisters. Though the new occupants welcomed her, as she hesitatingly made her way upstairs to show us the study, they made it a point to tell her she could roam around “unaccompanied” and may feel free to “steal” small things as the bigger ones would be difficult to take away. I had a lump in my throat. I looked at my mother, she just smiled calmly. She asked if they had retained some of her books/documents/certificates. “We thought you won’t return, so we threw it all away.’’ Neighbours, who had turned encroachers.
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    Millions of non muslim people were forced to flee the Kashmir Valley. Majority Hindus, Buddhist , Sikhs and Christians.

    Aanchal Magazine is young Award winning Journalist from Kashmir .


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      Normalcy vs Burning Kashmir agendas killing truth on the ground

      Facts have become the biggest casualty in telling the Kashmir story as an exaggerated push to set a narrative of normalcy and another aggressive agenda that the region has turned into a battlefield, has taken centre stage.

      Kashmiri Citizens were proud of being able to have Article 370 which successfully hoodwinked them.

      They were deprived of many benefits.

      The struggle to bring Kashmir in mainstream.

      Continues with People trying to stage another Bloody confrontation point in South Asia after Afghanistan.


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