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Libya ending WMD program

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  • Libya ending WMD program

    This is interesting. Libya claims to want to end their isolation by having their WMD program dismantled publicly. The question becomes whether the invasion of Iraq has illustrated the resolve of the US-led coalition to take rogue states "to the hoop" so-to-speak, or whether Col. Gadhafi (when is he ever going to get promoted?) came to this on his own? I wonder if Bush/Blair have been recruiting the Col. in an effort to put a more positive spin on the "WMD" issue - which no matter how you slice it has put some egg on their faces after finding nothing tangible in Iraq.

    Similarly, Iran has now agreed to allow inspectors...

    In any event, it would be good to reclaim such as state as Libya to the world community. Finally be able to get to some of those WWII battlefields!

    Libya ending WMD program
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    Whatever the reasons behind it (will we ever truly know?) it's always good to hear of nations getting rid of these damned things... Especially countries that could be considered 'troubled'.

    It's a pipedream, but I'd like to see us get rid of all these damned things, regardless of who has them. The only thing that will dispell the worst of my fears is when humanity is established in at least another two planets. A greater disaster than me, my friends and family, and the entire way of life I know being destroyed; would be to know that it is also the end. Of everything.

    Could we really be that stupid?

    I hope not. But real life keeps giving me examples...
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