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Bin Laden runs out of ideas

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  • Bin Laden runs out of ideas

    Having nothing relevant left to say to say Bin Laden has addressed the Europeans complaining NATO in Afghanistan has broken the rules by targeting women and children. I guess NATO was supposed to follow the rules like Islamists did in New York in 2001 or more recently in Iraq.

    "Artillery adds dignity to what would otherwise be a ugly brawl."
    --Frederick II, King of Prussia

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    If I were a citizen of a European country I would get a little ticked off at the guy, basically Osama said the European countries are just puppets with the USA pulling the strings.

    I can but wonder if Osama didn't write this after it was reported the French PM dropped by to see President Bush and got alarmed when it seems the French are now proclaiming themselves to be one of America's oldest and greatest friends.
    "If you are right, then you are right even if everyone says you are wrong. If you are wrong then you are wrong even if everyone says you are right." William Penn.


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      Obama has no idea....

      how Europeans in general regard Muslims; I grew in Europe, IMO there is no love lost, and is some cases, we are talking flat out hatred. Let see, you have Greeks: I served about ship with a Turk and a Greek, we had to put those guys on opposite sides of the formation for morning quarters to prevent the fist fighting. Russians; I went to Sevastopol back in 1989. Those folks refuse to call it Istanbul, to them it's still Constantinople, I will leave you to guess at the comments. Italy; in Sicily, the traditional puppets depict Charlemagne's Christian Knights fighting, well, take a wild guess? I have a feeling that he is barking up the wrong tree.
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