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  • Gurfinkiel said that "the classic national religion of France, Catholicism," is declining,
    An Islamic France can't be worse than Catholic France, they invaded and tried to conquer our lands for a thousand years, and then some

    He has been a board member of the Conseil Représentatif des Institutions juives de France since 1995.[1]
    Not exactly an objective source, "professional Jews" are always nagging about Islamic "conquests", and vice versa..

    It's just politics.
    Lambert of Montaigu - Crusader.

    Bolgios - Mercenary Game.


    • Drop the personal comments.
      Thank you
      ACG Staff


      • Originally posted by marktwain View Post

        There have been three great and many smaller reform movements in Islam.
        The Druze- under caliph Hakim
        the Bahai under the Bab
        The Ahmadiyya
        I admire their common view, that Allah is a force of Love that permeates the world of the believer.
        All of mentioned jumped off the Islam wagon by the concensus of Scholars.


        • Originally posted by G David Bock View Post
          Michel Gurfinkiel: Islamists Stand a "Very Good Chance" of Conquering France

          Such stupid articles and theorirs will ignite violence , maybe even genocide ( european famous product) in future and some muslims are stupid enough to believe it too.

          "They ll become majority" (since 16th century Spain)® when they persecuted, killed, forced to convert "moriscos".


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