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Puzzling Al-Quaida Report

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  • Puzzling Al-Quaida Report

    First of all, what is a "potential Al-Quaida member"? The clandestine organisation is joined on invitation-only basis, somebody is either a member or not.

    Second, if they want to talk about potential terrorists then the number provided (18,000) is ridiculous. Even if you assume that only 5% of Muslims are terrorism candidates this still yields over 100 million people based on the current population of Muslims in the world (2.5 billion). Even if only 1% of total Muslim population of planet Earth is terrorists or terrorist candidates you're still left with 20 million.
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    LoL MZ...don't puzzle on it, too long. You might start questioning some of your stereotypes...
    I have no problem at all with being proved wrong. Especially when being proved wrong leaves the world a better place, than being proved right...


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