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Bin Laden...Dead or Alive??

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  • Bin Laden...Dead or Alive??

    I'd like to hear some other takes on here...what do you think on the question of Bin he dead or alive??

    My take has been and continues to be....he is Dead. My guess is he has been dead since Decmember of 2001...

    I think we located him and sent a team of SOF guys in, they got him before the year of 2001 was out....

    No real reason for the military (and I doubt thier are few within it...who know for sure that Bin laden is dead)....but there is no reason for the military to say he is dead at this point...

    By keeping him "alive" (per say).....this allows the military (CIA, NSA) to back track through channels and help with taking out much more of AQ...If those in AQ don't really know if he is dead or alive...they will communicate to find out....this allows us to track them..

    I think if Bin Laden were 2 years he would have put out definite proof......that last video of him waliking down a mountain.....YET having a voice dubbed over.....I think is the final nail in the coffin......why if that was a recent video (past 6 months or so)...why not just turn the audio on...and let us hear what Bin Laden is saying while walking down that Mountian.......but oh no, they dubb it over with his voice on a tape......NO way......proves for sure the video at least is OLD video....

    As for the audio tapes .....that have been released....those prove nothing...very easy to put out fake audio.....or audio with one of Bin Laden's son's voice on it posing as UBL..

    I'd like to hear some other takes...

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    Hello Meade95,

    No offense, but I would prefer to see Bin Laden's head put on a pike and taken through America, signaling the proof that he is indeed dead. Then take that pike and place it in Mecca City, as a sign of warning to any stupid punk who wants to set off terrorist attacks.

    In my book, OBL is nothing, but a punk who deserves to rot in Hell.

    Okay, enough of my nastiness!

    Major James Holden, Georgia Badgers Militia of Rainbow Regiment, American Civil War

    "Aim small, miss small."


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