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What were you doing on 9/11?

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  • What were you doing on 9/11?

    I remember I was still in bed after staying up all night working on an assignment for my systems development class (well okay actually I was playing Starcraft and Sudden Strike).

    Anyways my mom went into my room and told me to wake up, something major was going on and that the US was being bombed. Groggily I got up thinking WTF? I got dressed and headed over to my grandmother's room where my mom and grandmother were both watching the TV. I got there on time to see the second plane hitting the WTC.

    It was pretty tense around the house, as one of my aunt's office was at the top floor of the WTC and my mom was soon trying to call my aunt's family to see if she was okay but couldn't get through.

    I headed off to class later and remember passing by the student lounge which was packed with people watching the news on the TV there. The rest of the day at school was somber and surreal.

    Later on in the evening we finally got through to my aunt's house and found out she was okay. She wasn't feeling well that morning and had called in sick and so wasn't at the WTC when the terrorists struck. Sadly alot of her friend's and colleaques weren't so lucky.
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    Working...The whole admin staff of the Town I worked for were glued to the TV, but the Public Works department was out working a normal day.
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      Sitting thirty stories up along the Love Field flight path thinking I wasn't in a very optimal location at the moment. We were sent home before the first tower even collapsed.


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        At work.

        Later that morning, all gates to the base were clamped down under a security blanket.
        Nobody in or out until WASF(Wing Auxiliary Security Force) was in place to provide extra security.
        Several civilian aircraft landed at the base throughout the day because of the no fly order in place on the continent.
        That evening the fighters arrived to protect the East Coast. (I was in Nova Scotia at the time)
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          I was on vacation at the time and I had just gotten up, fixed my first cup of coffee and turned on the T.V. just in time to see the second plane hit the remaining tower.


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            I was at work, it was nearby 4PM in France, if I remember well when
            our HR manager sent us an Email telling that there was an attack against one of the twin tower. I tried to reach CNN web, he was unreachable. I tried then all our French information web, and minutes by minutes I was informed of what was occuring,

            I think I was at home watching TV when the First and then second towerr collapses.
            What have shocked at max, was the jumpers. I still have a lump in my throat when I remember those images in my head.

            Same I don't rememeber if it was in direct or not but I have still clear on my mind the secong Jet flying into the second tower. I remember that I shouted "NOOOON". It was emotionaly very intense (still now when I write this I have tears in my eyes). Unbelievable, unacceptable to a normal mind.

            I was not an thinking that I was like an American during to dirty hours as we told latter to all american people to prove our compassion and solidarity. No, no I was just a human being seiing other human beings dying just under my eyes, it was more deep intense as it was not managed by the brain no the emotion was coming from guts.

            Many hours after the brain was abble to rationalize what he saws, but before it was the "animal part" with his emotion who was the master.

            It is hard to told that to you US guys because you were directly involved, but more than an US tragedy, the fact we saw this drame live at the TV, made the 09/11 a "western people common tragedy".

            All of us felt involved there because it could occurs to each country.

            Latter in 2002 we have learned from Police that 2 big actions were stopped in France, one in September against US ambassy in Paris, second was directed against the Christmas market at Strassbourg. It was the German Police which had intercepted the Al-quaida terrorist

            May God if he exists have mercy on us

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              I had the day off from work, so I was enjoying a nice sunny morning (a lot like today, eerie!) with my boys. My wife calls from work and asked if I had seen the news at all, to which I replied I hadn't, since we had been out in the yard.

              Turn on the TV just in time to see a replay of the second tower being hit- thought it was a commercial for some new movie, that's how slowly I was processing things that day!

              Then on comes Dan Rather's voice: "That was not a computerized animation..."

              Heart sank, sick feeling in my stomach, wanted to watch more to get up to speed, but I tried to keep a happy face on for the kids (they were 2 and 1 years old at the time). Once they went down for their afternoon nap, I spent that time bouncing between channels trying to find out what exactly had occured.

              I'm still stunned today watching footage from that day...totally surreal. And I still hope that the planes will somehow miss, that they'll turn at the last moment...even though I know they won't.



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                I remember that in the afternoon (morning in the USA), I had worked in an apartment, to renovate it, just before selling it. In fact we had been in this apartment all the journey, and then with no real contact with the exterior. And we had stopped working late, in the evening (7-8 PM). And when I just arrived at home I decided to turn on the radio, to listen music. But that was just the news, and when they spoke about the attack, because I distractedly listened the radio, doing something else, I first thought that they spoke about a movie made in Hollywood. But I rapidly understood that it was real and that something terrible had happened, so I turned on the TV and watched what it was. It’s true that it was difficult to believe what I watched.

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                  at school, when i got back i saw a headline about an arplane crash.

                  didnt bother with it, i went to play games and shoot people.
                  it was only during dinner i found out what happend as i watched the 6pm news.
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