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    The Afghanish ex-primeminister Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, wanted for terrorism in the USA, insulted the British prince Harry, who is stationed as a military helicopter-fighter-pilot in the Afghan province Helmland, in the newspaper 'Daily Telegraph' out of his hideing place in the mountains in Afghanistan. He said that the prince came drunken to Afghanistan to kill innocent people. The prince could not understand that the hunt of Afghan eagles and lions is not so easy and a shakal could not defeat a lion. Hekmatyar said further that the prince would be hunted by his Mujaheddin. He threatened open that he had thousands of suicide fighters. His words: "Harry wants shameless to kill out of his helicopter by rockets, but the colonial times were away where uniformed princes could go menhunting."
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    Well, why doesn't Hekmatyar get his own helicopter and challenge Harry to a duel? I bet this has nothing to do with most Afghans being scared to death of Helicopter Gunships?

    Pruitt, you are truly an expert! Kelt06

    Have you been struck by the jawbone of an ASS lately?

    by Khepesh "This is the logic of Pruitt"


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