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One man 'shot dead' in France anti-terror raid

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  • One man 'shot dead' in France anti-terror raid

    PARIS A man was shot and fatally wounded Saturday in the northeast French city of Strasbourg while being arrested in connection with an anti-terrorist operation, several sources said.

    According to initial reports, the man shot at police who returned fire and fatally wounded him, a source close to the inquiry said without giving further details.

    According to a judicial source, the operation was part of the investigation into an incident on September 19 when "a minimally powerful explosive" was hurled into a Kosher grocery store in Sarcelles, in the Paris suburbs.

    The incident left one person slightly injured but triggered strong reaction in the town's large Jewish community.

    In the Strasbourg operation, three police officers were lightly wounded, protected by their bullet-proof vests and helmets, the judicial source added.

    The anti-terror operation which was continuing on Saturday was being conducted in several cities around France.

    A lucky policeman was shot to the heart and the head but survived !
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    France 'uncovers biggest bomb plot in years

    11 October 2012 Last updated at 13:41 ET

    The alleged cell, he said, was "probably the most dangerous" France had seen since the Algerian-based GIA (Armed Islamic Group), which carried out a series of attacks in 1995-96.
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      Well done the French security forces! Another piece of pigsh#t erased from the slate.

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      Give honour to the dainty Corse,
      The Pixie is a little shite.


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        Hopefully the police officers are recovering well.
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