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Evidence of Stalin-era Mass Murders

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    Sorry for a large quote, but is is worth it:

    In the early 90s I spent much time dealing with statistics of the Soviet terror. I studied a huge number of reporting sheets from various years and various regions of the Soviet Union. Our statistics began in earnest from 1921, only fragmentary information left from the period before 1921. But begging from the year 1921 there are huge files with reports. By 1994 I have studied them all, and calculated all the sums. What was left was to publish them. But I looked at those number and...

    There are people around me whose opinion is important to me: there is a traditional intellectual public opinion, and, most importantly, the opinion of former political prisoners many of whom who were still alive in 1994. And they estimated our victims in the entire history of terror with some completely unbelievable figures - tens of millions.

    But according to my calculations in the entire history of Soviet power, from 1918 to 1987 (the last arrests were at the beginning of 1987), according to the surviving documents, it turned out that 7 million 100 thousand people were arrested by the security forces throughout the country. At the same time, some of them were not arrested for political crimes. And quite many. Yes, they were arrested by the security organs, but there were years when the security organs were arresting people for banditism, smuggling, and counterfeiting. And many other "ordinary" crimes.

    All these numbers are recorded in folders with documents. Annual reports of the security agencies says: those under investigation - that much, including those with arrested, including those without arrest. Then begins the table of the movement of those arrested. Completed investigative cases - that much, including, transferred to the special session - that much, transferred to the courts and tribunals - that much. To non-judicial bodies - that much. Fled, died - all stats are available. There were very few escapes, by the way.

    And here is the final figure - 7 million. Through the entire history of the Soviet regime. What should I do with it? But public opinion says that almost 12 million of those arrested in our country are in 1937–1939 alone. And I belong to this society, I live with these people, I am part of them. Not a part of the Soviet government, not the Russian democracy, but these people. I just knew that, first, they would not believe me. And, secondly, for the circle to which I consider myself belonging, it would mean that everything that these respected people have told us about the numbers until now was not true.

    And I decided to set aside my work for the time being.
    That's from a Russian historian Arseniy Rogisnkiy:
    This interview caused quite a boom several years ago.

    Ultimately that gross inflation of Stalinist terror did a disservice to Russian liberals. First of all, numbers extracted from documents didn't look that bad by comparison. Usually people would see 800 000 executions as horrific. But if they were first told that there were 8 millions of them, 800 000 would look like a small number. Then, liberals attacked the Soviet regime for lies and manipulation, but it turned out that they were not completely honest themselves.


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      Obviously it's not just the numbers but the down stream effect. The purge of the officer corp being one example?
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